Aries New Moon 4.1.22 – ‘Burn Bright’

Key themes of the Aries New Moon

  • Truth, Ease & Simplicity
  • Synchronicities & Heightened Intuition
  • Healing Self-Doubt

Aries describes where you seek to express yourself simply and totally, with confidence and authenticity. The Aries archetype rules your identity and your capacity to be present in the NOW moment, fully embodied in who you are. Owning your place and your purpose.

Allow this fire energy to invigorate you with passion and inspiration. Also, consider where you need to simplify now to improve your focus.

This Aries New Moon will be aligned with Chiron, bringing a powerful activation of the archetype of the Hero’s Journey. Understanding the essence of Chiron energy opens the door to deep psychological healing. It also unlocks our ability to access hidden potential – the ‘gold’ in our unconscious shadow.

The Chiron journey is one of courage, compassion, perseverance and redemption.

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer because he overcomes the pain of his past in order to help others. In your natal chart, this energy represents an extraordinary gift. It is the way you’re destined to shine – to inspire, enlighten, mentor, serve and heal others – beyond your own expectations. Learn more about Chiron in Aries here.

This Spring New Moon represents a calling to burn bright. Over the next four weeks, you are being invited to take a leap of faith in pursuit of what really lights you up. Claim your passions, your independence and your right to ‘be’. With Pluto’s trine to the North Node still in play, there is support for taking bold action in alignment with your core passions – the key is to demonstrate integrity in everything you do.

With Mars, Venus and Saturn aligned in Aquarius, you may be called to overcome long-standing insecurities and step up to a new level of responsibility – committing to serve or fight for a cause greater than you. There is an opportunity to discover a new level of courage, self-reliance and strength.

Jupiter aligned with Neptune in Pisces heightens your connection with the unseen realm. It strengthens your ability to receive intuitive guidance and triggers synchronistic twists of fate. Will you trust your inner knowing? This energy also rules your spiritual life and asks you to consider what you need to feed your soul on a deeper level.

Aries rules honesty and authenticity. Over the next month, you’re being called to state your truth simply and with a matter-of-fact lightness.

The first New Moon of the zodiac calendar is about celebrating your vitality and connecting with your deepest joys. It’s about nurturing yourself on all levels – mind, body and spirit. It represents a calling to boldly move FORWARD with optimism, confidence and self-reliance.

This Aries lunar cycle invites you to explore the role aggression plays in your life. A powerful quincunx between Eris and the South Node serves as a caution not to brood on the past; if you hold on to anger now it will burn you up inside.

What obstacles do you need to remove within yourself to create more freedom and flow? Give yourself permission to create new pathways for growth and expansion.

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  1. If I could do anything, without fear of failure, what would it be?
  2. What advice would I give to someone who was struggling to call up the courage to pursue their highest calling? How could I apply this guidance to my own journey as well?
  3. How do I need to nurture my soul on a deeper level now?
  4. What am I fighting for, or against? Am I warring with the past? What ‘investments’ of my time and energy are really serving me in the here and now, as well as my intention to create the future of my dreams?
  5. Who in the world needs me to be strong and courageous now? Is it myself, or someone else, or both? What do affirmation can I hold in my heart to remind me as I move forward?
  6. How will I ‘Burn Bright’ this month?

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