Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Imagination, Idealism, Ecstasy & Mystery – April 2022

Jupiter and Neptune both rule the sign of Pisces bringing additional intensity to this event, which is one of the highlights of the astrology of 2022. It’s only the second alignment of these two heavenly bodies in the sign of their co-rulership since Neptune’s discovery in 1846! How cool is that?!

The conjunction will be exact on April 12, 2022 at 8:42am PST and will strongly influence both the Libra Full Moon on April 15th and the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th.

Pisces weakens the barrier between conscious ego and unconscious soul. It softens our defenses, rooted in illusions of separateness. Our perceptions of what’s ‘important’ shifts and we become more gentle, humble and generous. This energy invites us explore the mysteries of life.

Navigating this conjunction will also involve finding the balance between its higher and lower vibration potentials. In its highest forms of expression, this energy represents radical surrender, trusting in the flow of life, opening to receive love, and the truth that we are all connected.

The Quest for Deeper Meaning

This Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in watery Pisces represents a new wave – a pointed shift or ‘leveling up’ in our collective spiritual awareness and values. An evolved understanding of the ‘big picture’.

This activation calls you to explore your spirituality, or philosophy on life. It guides you to reflect on questions like;

  • What is the true meaning of existence?
  • What is real? How do we exit ‘the matrix’?
  • What gives me a sense of purpose?
  • How do I need to nurture my soul on a deeper level?

Creativity & Imagination

Pisces rules the line between truth and illusion; it takes us into the world of dreams and symbols; art, music and dance. You may feel positively juiced with creativity and a sense of freedom – an imaginative playfulness. The heart is inspired and called to express itself poetically.

The ‘Veil’ Is Thin

This energy will amplify your potential to receive downloads from higher planes of existence, in a BIG way. You may feel energetically drained as this transit reaches its peak. In order for your mind and body to process these high-frequency vibrations, it’s going to be super important to take extra care of your physical health and wellbeing.

You will likely be more sensitive than usual to the energy of other people and may benefit from energetic clearing practices as a form of spiritual hygiene. At the same time, under the right conditions, moderate doses of psychedelics may serve to open your receptivity even further.

Escaping into the Dream World

Pisces is the most profound and mysterious archetype in the zodiac. It’s the doorway to our collective consciousness and there’s a pull with this energy that can feel quite hypnotic.

The dreamy world of Pisces can certainly feel like ecstasy at times, while at others, like a haunting nightmare. You may lose all sense of time and get stuck in the feeling realm without realizing. This can also be a dangerous influence, with the risk of being blinded by pride or driven to reckless destruction that has no purpose.

Like Alice through the looking glass, you may have to fight to find your way back from this seductive realm of illusion. What beliefs, relationship or habit might you need to release now in order to be truly present and make good decisions for yourself?

Shadow-Work & Psychological Healing

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces gives you the power to open your heart to love and vulnerability on a deeper level. This activation brings up ALL the feels and calls you to turn towards them; to turn fully towards your humanity.

This activation represents the journey to allow the full range of our emotions to flow through us. Jupiter & Neptune in a trine to the South Node this month points to a resurfacing our suppressed memories and ‘ghosts from the past’; feelings of betrayal and lost innocence; our deepest sources of rage and resentment – it’s all up to be confronted now. One of the greatest challenges before us as a collective to find a way to process the depths of these emotions so we may heal them.

Jupiter serves to bring awareness to what’s not working, especially around a lack of physical, emotional and psychological boundaries. You may be challenged to acknowledge a painful truth now so that you can take steps towards a necessary change.

How are we continuously influenced and psychologically wounded by grief, sorrow, guilt, and shame, on both conscious and unconscious levels? How do these show up in family dynamics and our most intimate relationships? How can we break these cycles? This month’s lunar cycle, influenced by an activation of Chiron in Aries reminds us that the healing must come from within.

Saying Yes to Life

Finally, although certain aspects of this transit may feel heavy, this energy also invites you to open to life as wholeheartedly as you can – and perhaps take a bold chance as you follow a great calling of the heart. At its very core, the essence of Pisces energy is your ability to hold space for life’s joys as much as its sorrows; to hold it all in your heart.

Pisces is the sign of Agape and Bhakti – the love of life, unconditional love, and love of the divine. You may find a way to rekindle a belief in the fundamental goodness of humanity now, as well as a deepened sense of empathy for those who suffer.

Pisces rules the journey from disconnection to connection, through forgiveness, acts of compassion, generosity and courageous love. How will you say ‘no’ to fear and forge a path back to love?

The Sun in Aries this month can bring you in touch with your ideals, faith and optimism in a way that inspires you to take new, meaningful action. How can you bring light into the world now? How can the wisdom you have gained in your healing journey benefit others?

Allowing your vulnerability – the most sensitive place within you – to be seen is an act of courage in itself. Who or what in your life represents courageous love, and how can this inspire you say ‘yes’ to connection, and life?

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