Libra Full Moon Reflections – April 16, 2022

Full Moons illuminate conflicts between conscious and unconscious motivations.

This passage asks you to consider how you are balancing your expressions of Libra and Aries energy in order to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace.

The Libra/Aries Polarity


  • The desire for perfect harmony
  • The urge to maintain order or ‘peace’
  • Longing for connection and belonging
  • Looking outside of self for answers


  • Acting on impulses and desires
  • The urge to set oneself free
  • The need for personal freedom
  • Instinctive insight, looking within for truth

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • Do I make myself ‘small’ so that others will feel more comfortable? What is it costing me to stay in my comfort zone?
  • What do I need to communicate more clearly in my relationships?
  • What new chapter is beginning for me?
  • Where do I need to assert my needs for freedom and independence?
  • What emotions need to be confronted and processed now?

The Bigger Picture

Sun in Aries Season – Aries describes where you seek to express yourself simply and totally, with confidence and authenticity. Over the next month, you’re being called to state your truth simply and with a matter-of-fact lightness.

This lunar cycle began with an activation of Chiron in Aries which is bringing focus throughout this month to your personal hero’s journey. There is an opportunity now to break through the barriers of long-standing insecurities and deeply seeded self-doubt to achieve your higher calling. In this process, you are being invited to release old stories of wounding or disempowerment from the past.

This is a time to work through fears around leaning out of your comfort zone. What is the cost of maintaining the status quo?

Pluto squaring the Full Moon – Tension arising from the need to be in control of a situation or relationship. A cathartic release of the pressure to be perfect and the need to meet others’ expectations. Initiating a shift in relationships where you are making unhealthy compromises.

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Mars in Pisces – The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction earlier this week brought up intense emotions from the unconscious realm. These must be compassionately acknowledged and processed now. This energy can feel heavy or melancholy so don’t be surprised if you have a case of the blues this weekend. Be gentle with yourself!

With a strong focus on internal processing over the next few days, you may need to take some time alone. This activation can be painful and asks you to sit with the pain so that it can be processed and ultimately reveal its jewel of hidden wisdom. While this transit brings the opportunity for deeper self-awareness and compassion, you may need a trusted guide to help you integrate what is up.

This month’s Pisces stellium also points to taking action on your ideals. You can use this energy to connect with and nurture others in meaningful ways? Healing comes from giving love to others.

The Spring Eclipse Season is upon us – This Eclipse Season brings an energy of unexpected change. The next two weeks represent a calling to let go of the fears that arise in the face of uncertainty. Where are you needing to become more open to new opportunities?

Use this Full Moon energy to process any feelings of regret that you may be carrying about something that hasn’t worked out as expected in your life. Practice compassion for yourself and let go of trying to change what’s already come to pass. What can you do moving forward? This is a time for radical acceptance.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus – Represents radical truth-telling. Observe your current situation with a sense of emotional detachment. Where might you need to let go of some ‘illusion’ or romantic ideal that you have been holding as true?

Libra Energy & Shadows

Libra is the archetype of the Artist, the Peacemaker and the Team Player.

This energy can help you:

  • Find greater balance in your life
  • Listen, ask questions and recognize other perspectives
  • Cooperate gracefully and create win-win solutions
  • Become more trusting and easy-going

Shadows of Libra Energy:

The Full Moon can stir up many emotions from the unconscious realm and you can tune into these consciously by noticing where fear or need for some kind of security are taking hold. The opposition energy of the Full Moon creates a powerful tension; a sense of urgency or even crisis. Awareness is the key to stepping outside of the intensity in order to recognize something in yourself that’s needing attention, understanding and compassion.

Bringing awareness to one of these triggers can serve as a starting point for deeper exploration into your personal story.

  • Perfectionism
  • Indecisiveness
  • Suppressing your needs to avoid conflict
  • Too much focus outside of yourself

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