Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Navigating Transformation – 4.30.2022

The Solar Eclipse coming up this Saturday may feel like an energetic low-point for some but it’s also a KEY passage, bringing us over a threshold to new beginnings and chapters of growth. The Solar Eclipse sets the energetic tone for the coming 6 months.

We’ll continue moving through the Eclipse Portal portal during May and early June, with the energetic high-point coming at Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. You may have started to feel the effects of this eclipse as early as the Virgo Full Moon in March.

Eclipses activate the lunar nodes, which represent a key element of your soul’s growth journey, and the evolution of our collective as a whole. The lunar nodes describe the process of tapping into your highest forms of expression, while healing karmic attachments that keep you held in patterns of stagnation and suffering.

In your natal chart, the lunar nodes represent a key element of your destiny path – the journey to discover and fully realize that which brings out the best in yourself and everyone around you.

This year, with the transiting lunar nodes (and consequently the eclipses) activating the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, we are being invited to explore how our relationship with these two archetypes is bringing us into alignment with our highest good. How do you tune into the highest vibration expressions of Taurus energy? And also, where might you need to course correct or shift your perspective in order to grow?

Where do we need to move out of the comfort zone of old patterns, relationship dynamics and ways of being in the world?

This New Moon Solar Eclipse serves to upset, and ultimately evolve, your sense of stability and predictability. This is because of an alignment to the planet Uranus, archetype of innovation, rebellion and transformation. Uranus in Taurus since 2018 has been calling for a radical shift in perspective especially around your sense of self-worth and ‘enough’.

Ultimately this activation challenges us to consider how we can arrive at a more authentic expression of Taurus’ essence.

The Taurean Realm

Taurus rules our profound connection with nature, the Earth Mother. The essence of Taurus energy is the blissful appreciation of life’s sweetness.

Taurus rules a sense of completeness that comes from deep within. Accessing this energy allows us act from a place of unwavering self-reliance and self-worth.

Taurus represents the sensual enjoyment of life and the pleasures of the flesh – it rules all that delights and tickles the five senses.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is as gentle as real strength.”

– Unknown

Taurus rules our experience of wholeness – the strength that comes from knowing who you are (and who you are not). In this most elevated expression, there is no need to pretend, exaggerate or oversell.

Taurus embodies a strength and gentleness that comes from trusting in the flow of life. It is your experience of abundance, belonging and inner peace.

Evolution, Revolution and Necessary Change

The Trance of Scarcity

The alignment of Uranus and the North Node to this Solar Eclipse brings up a huge focus on our need to heal from scarcity mentality. Scarcity mindset is pervasive – we catch it like a virus and its messages are reinforced to us daily in modern society.

According to author Victoria Castle, scarcity mentality is a trance. Under its spell, we are deluded by the belief that we are not good enough or that we don’t belong. It is rooted in the idea that must earn our worthiness.

In scarcity mentality, we are driven to accumulate but never end up feeling like what we have is enough. We are afraid to let go both physically and emotionally. We wait for our circumstances to change, imagining that at some point we will feel safe enough to make the changes needed for us to evolve. We hold our breath. We resist the flow of life.

In a way, Uranus in Taurus is quite a paradoxical expression. It asks you to bring a fresh perspective to your idea of what you need to experience wholeness and security.

This Solar Eclipse in Taurus brings the opportunity to release limitations and attachments that are holding you back from taking the next step. It asks you to be brutally honest with yourself about the circumstances in your life that are no longer sustainable. Where do you need to break free?

Awakening the Sacred Rebel

Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac. While all of the other planets spin on a more or less vertical axis, Uranus rolls horizontally, isn’t that amazing!? Physically and archetypally, Uranus embodies uniqueness, a seemingly unconventional vantage point, but one that contains its own wisdom.

Uranus energy turns our experience of Taurus upside down. With the alignment of this Solar Eclipse to Uranus and the North Node, we are being asked to wrap our our minds around a paradoxical concept – where is change necessary in your life in order to bring about a new experience of stability? In the short term there may be discomfort, disappointment, uncertainty and/or loss. In the long-term however there is more freedom, honesty, authenticity and connection.

Uranus represents necessary change. It challenges us to let go of anything that is comfortable yet inauthentic. It shakes you awake and reminds you of your true essence. It challenges you to lean into uncertainty as you grow.

You may be called to make changes that others do not understand (at least not at first) in order to spread your own wings.

A Closer Look: Exploring your Own Relationship with the Archetypes

In your natal chart, Taurus energy represents something you seek to have in abundance in order to feel a sense of grounding, stability and certainty. You bring a sense of wholeheartedness to this area of your life – a desire to give, nurture, work hard and persevere.

With Taurus energy, you are learning to realize the full embodiment of our strength and moral values. You are also learning to find resilience within yourself during times of radical transformation. Resilience means flowing with the tides of life, it also refers to a fullness that comes from within.

Uranus is the sign of the activist and the humanitarian. On a personal level, how are you being challenged to take a stand for your values and/or boundaries?

On a collective level, Uranus in Taurus brings a focus to the changes that need to be made in our relationship with Mother Earth. It brings up the fundamental question – does the earth, and the natural world for that matter, have rights? How must we as a collective come to recognize and advocate for them? How must we shift our behavior?

What does it mean to honor the sacred balance of life, one of the highest forms of expression of the Taurus archetype? What are our responsibilities going forward?

Some of the most productive expressions of Uranus in Taurus are;

  • Visceral alignment to your standards and core values
  • The courage to fight for what you believe in
  • Grit and perseverance despite setbacks
  • Embodied abundance
  • Accepting who you are (and who you are not)

Questions for Reflection with this Solar Eclipse

How does my relationship with the Taurus archetype need to be elevated or healed?

When am I operating from a mindset of scarcity versus embodied abundance?

What attachments, rooted in fear, are holding me back?

Is more always better?

Where do I need to cultivate a deeper sense of peace, trust and acceptance?

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