Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – The Gold in the Shadow 5.16.2022

Personal Development Themes

  • Choosing peace over drama
  • Becoming aware of self-sabotage
  • Learning to forgive ourselves no matter how much we believe we’ve fallen from grace
  • Processing deep feelings of guilt, grief, or rejection
  • Letting go of being ‘stuck’ in the past; a new chapter

Scorpio is the archetype of the detective, the psychologist and the alchemist. This energy rules the process of rebirth – the many ways in which you reinvent yourself throughout your life. It is the journey from death to decay to reorganization, and finally renewal; the metaphorical phoenix rising up from the ashes. This energy also rules the wisdom, maturity and compassion that we gain from our deepest experiences of trauma and loss.

The Scorpio archetype is powerful and transformative. Wherever you have this energy in your chart, you will feel an intense range of raw emotions. There’s a desire to go deep and experience this area of your life as honestly, passionately, intimately and authentically as possible.

Scorpio also rules our deepest sensitivities, so you may tend to feel quite vulnerable and guarded at times in this area of your life.

Scorpio rules the underworld of the psyche, the shadow self – the most complicated and primal elements of our consciousness. And, Mercury in retrograde is pulling us into the realm of personal introspection and self-reflection. With this Lunar Eclipse, the ‘shadow’ cannot be kept in the dark.

Mars and Neptune form a trine to this Full Moon giving the activation an even more confused, dreamy and haunted feeling. Uncomfortable emotions are close to the surface.

Modern psychology recognizes the ‘shadow self’ as the expressions we have learned to keep hidden as we grew up because they somehow did not meet the ideals of who we were ‘supposed’ to be. The conscious ‘ego’ may have learned that in order to be seen as polite, responsible and respectable, it had to suppress its more wild, freedom-seeking tendencies. Just as the Moon has her dark side, we as individuals each have a shadow self. Society has its own ‘collective shadow’ as well.

For thousands of years, spiritual teachings have guided us to explore who we are, to ‘know thyself’ as the pathway to liberation. There is valuable truth in the shadow. It is where we reclaim the lost parts of ourselves so that we can more fully understand and love who we are. It contains creativity and unspoken truths that can truly set us free. It is the hidden power of our individuality.

What is shadow work? It is the ongoing effort to reclaim our denied or rejected elements of self – our repressed personal power and buried potential. There is gold in the shadow, but there is also the pain of having been detached from who we truly are for so long. We must ease into this work gradually, slowing down, becoming curious, tuning into subtle cues, listening to the body – learning the language of our intuitive selves.

During this process, the ego finds a way to let go of the shame it has felt for the parts it was taught to reject. We make peace with the dark and bring it into the light. We realize the coping mechanisms that the ego has developed to protect us from pain, guilt or grief hiding in the shadow. We learn to stop being at war with ourselves.

Tuning Into The Healing Energy of Full Moons

Being healed doesn’t mean that the pain never existed.  It means you have evolved to a place where it no longer controls your life.

Working with the energy of the Full Moon in your hero’s journey involves tapping into its power to bring awareness to unresolved emotions from past experiences and/or self-limiting beliefs that may be influencing your life from the unconscious realm.

By acknowledging these, you allow for the opportunity to cleanse and release pain, guilt, grief, shame and other forms of trauma.

The Lunar Eclipse is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, the conscious and unconscious self, the ego and the shadow – in alignment with the lunar nodes, representing the tension between our soul’s calling and its need to heal lifetimes of karma in order to reach its full potential. It’s a powerful time for healing attachments that have kept you held in patterns of stagnation and suffering for too long.


  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Awareness
  • Cathartic Emotional Release
  • Integration
  • New Wisdom
  • Evolving out of a victim mentality

This year, with the transiting lunar nodes (and consequently the eclipses) activating the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, we are being invited to explore how our relationship with these two archetypes is bringing us into alignment with our highest good.

This Lunar Eclipse represents an evolutionary calling to acknowledge and find a way to evolve beyond;

  • A tendency to brood on the past – holding onto a sense of betrayal; the urge to settle an old score; preoccupation with someone else’s demise; the dark cloud of bitterness and rage; mutually assured destruction.
  • A cynical outlook on life  lack of trust; expecting others to let you down; feeling disempowered in the here and now because someone has taken away your power in the past; a victim mindset; no hope for the future.
  • Taking shortcuts – impatience; expecting immediate results after only minimal effort; cutting corners; seeking instant gratification; expecting others to ‘fix’ your problems.
  • Unhealthy dynamics in relationships – jumping in too quickly or seeking enmeshment; giving away too much to get what you want; being seduced by power or authority; using fear or manipulation to exploit others; overstepping boundaries; unfair expectations; using relationships as an escape from responsibility.
  • Anger at yourself – the insufferable pain of regret; inability to forgive; living in the past; brooding over disappointment; hatefulness; self-sabotage or punishment.

Final Thoughts

The evolutionary guidance for this Lunar Eclipse is to tap into a sense of grounding, trust, self-love and wholeness that can only come from deep within, to remember the truth of who you are (and who you are not). Accessing this energy allows you act from a place of unwavering self-reliance and self-worth.

This season is calling you to embrace the necessity of change, and perhaps accept transitions that are not arising on your own terms. It is challenging you to let go of what is inauthentic, no matter how much comfort or security it provides. You may be called to make changes that others do not understand (at least not at first) in order to spread your own wings.

What falls away may feel like an intense loss but it is ultimately setting you free. This eclipse season is shaking you awake to remind you of your true essence. It is challenging you to lean into uncertainty as you grow.

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