Softening Rigidity and Fear while Mercury is in Retrograde – Spring 2022

Mercury retrograde has a feminine quality that represents ease and flow. This is a time to expect the unexpected and welcome unexpected miracles. This season also represents the integration of past experiences, release, self-reflection and newfound clarity.

Mercury retrograde represents a sacred pause – an intentional slowing of the body and mind in order to ground, reconnect and refocus.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini & Taurus – Spring 2022

This spring’s Mercury retrograde season influences the air sign of Gemini and earth sign of Taurus.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini represents an invitation to cultivate greater curiosity, flexibility and lightheartedness. It’s a time for going inward, spending time alone and learning to trust your intuition. You may need to focus on nurturing certain relationships now, or you may distance yourself from ones that have become a drain on your energy.

As Mercury moves through Taurus between May 22 – Jun 13 there’s a calling to soften rigidity wherever it may be creating constriction. Fear is a form or rigidity as it can cause us to resist the changes that inevitably unfold in the flow of life.

Mercury will both trine Pluto and sextile Mars 3x during this retrograde season, and this can describe a calling to witness the way that fear is showing up within and around us, with deep compassion.

A key element of the ‘journey’ of this Mercury retrograde season is connecting more deeply with that which keeps you grounded in the wake of change, loss or unexpected twists of fate. How do you maintain your sense of resilience? What relationships, habits or perspectives remind you to keep your heart open, to stay curious and grateful?

Notice where you need to take care of ‘loose ends’ or anything else that needs maintenance. Use this time to process and integrate rather than chasing new endeavors. These vibes represent a calling to restore depleted energy. Meditate. Connect with the Earth. Play in your creative spaces. Reflect on the recent past and make peace.

Take an honest look at where you need to eliminate distractions so that you can really focus on your most important goals. It’s also a great time to revisit any intentions you’ve set for yourself for this year.

As you take time out to rejuvenate (guilt-free!), and remember to honor all elements of your wellbeing – physical (earth), mental (air), emotional (water) and spiritual (fire).

Mercury retrograde peaks as it stations direct on June 3rd at 26′ Taurus, and the post-shadow continues until just after the Sagittarius Full Moon, around June 17th.

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