Gemini New Moon: Taking The Seat of the Witness – May 30, 2022

“It’s dark because you are trying too hard.

Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.

Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply…”

– Aldous Huxley

Bringing the Gemini New Moon into the Context of The Spring Eclipse Season

The Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago triggered a period of intense release. It’s bringing about about endings, closure and ‘break through’ realizations. We’ve been challenged to reckon with our Scorpionic demons – facing and letting go of ‘ghosts from our past’ in one way or another. This process often culminates in some kind of emotional catharsis.

There’s been a calling to reconcile with, and heal, deeply felt old wounds in order to be ready to take the next step in our hero’s journey. And we’re still under the influence of the eclipses until the end of June so there may still be elements of this passage to unfold for you.

Radical Rebirth

This Gemini New Moon is ruled by Mercury retrograde and brings an energy of inward awakening. Remember, a key theme of the eclipse season has been finding the ‘gold in our psychological shadow’. This is the hidden power of our individuality – a pathway to understanding ourselves more deeply, healing shame, and coming to love who we are more fully.

By reclaiming the gold in our shadow, we learn to tell our story with confidence, give voice to suppressed truths and reconnect with our innermost sources of creativity, strength, inspiration and joy.

As this new lunar cycle begins, consider what is ready to be born, or reborn within you?

The Gifts of Gemini + New Moon Awakenings

Gemini is the archetype of the curious child, the trickster and the storyteller. There is a lighthearted energy and vitality with Gemini energy that invites us to explore the spirit of play. Enthusiastic Gemini calls us to read, learn and debate our ideas in order to come to a new understanding. This is the sign of collaboration, the synthesis of ideas and groups coming together to solve problems creatively.

With this New Moon ruled by Mercury retrograde, in an air sign,, there is a focus on observation without judgment – stepping into the seat of the witness in order to take stock of your life, your mind, your relationships, or your life path. Where is it necessary to let go of some ‘idealistic notions’ in favor of what is actually true in the here and now?

As Gemini rules our capacity to think and analyze, this is a great time to meditate and become more aware of the comings and goings of the mind. Remember, the current Mercury retrograde season is calling for introspection and self-awareness. We’re being guided to soften rigidity (especially in the mind!) so we may become more open to the natural flow of life.

Gemini does have a tendency to overthink – and this New Moon + retrograde cycle combination describe an opportunity to notice any fearful, anxious or self-depreciating thoughts may be draining your energy. Where are you ‘overdoing’ it? Where is there an opportunity to simplify or do less in order to gain clarity?

The way we think about what’s happening in our lives, these stories we tell ourselves, have a powerful effect on how we feel, behave and relate to others. The next 4 weeks are a great time to explore the art of reframing unhelpful thought patterns, including ‘all-or-nothing’ evaluations, reacting to what we anticipate rather than what is actually happening, or fears that disappointments in the past are destined to be repeated.

Finally, this New Moon coincides with a fiery conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in Aries, an alignment that brings support for inner-knowing, decisiveness and confident self-expression. Use this energy to speak your truth, engage your passions and gain clarity about your boundaries and needs – but be mindful not to burn your bridges in the process. The shadows of this activation will be anger, pride, bullying and recklessness.

Tau Herculids Meteor Shower

This Sunday night’s New Moon coincides almost exactly with the Tau Herculids meteor shower, which will have a short peak from around 12:30am-1:45am EST. This particular event is being watched closely by scientists as it has the potential to become a full-on meteor storm with 1,000 meteors or more per hour!

Meteor showers happen when the Earth plows through a stream of debris left in the wake of comets, asteroids or other celestial bodies. Most are the size of grains of puffed rice or small pebbles, and produce blazing displays as they burn up in our outer atmosphere.

NASA says it’s going to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ event – either wildly active or just faintly visible…it all depends on the speed of the debris separating from the comet at the time that earth passes through its tail, which is hard to predict. Will you stay up for the chance at seeing a meteor storm? I’d love to hear about it if you do!

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