Sacred Soul Level 1 – September 2022

Evolutionary Astrology Foundations + Introduction to Chart Reading

* Learn the Language of Archetypal & Evolutionary Astrology

* Receive a guide to giving a stellar beginner’s reading

* Explore the connections between astrology, alchemy and shadow-work


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About Sacred Soul

Sacred Soul is a foundational course and introduction to the language of evolutionary astrology, which focuses on astrological archetypes, the basics of sharing chart readings with others, and an introduction to the principles of soul alchemy.

It weaves the fundamentals together with a practical approach to giving beginner-level readings and feeling into the teachings of astrology by working with your own chart on a deeper level.

I will teach you the building blocks for interpreting astrological signatures using the language of archetypes that bring each element to life.

You’ll learn the first steps of chart interpretation, including an exploration of the three pillars (Sun, Moon and Rising) as well as techniques for understanding the whole person view, including how to identify and describe a person’s ruling planets and recognize dominant archetypal energies. I’ll also share tips and guidance for tailoring your readings on a personal level.

About Lindsey

Hi, I’m Lindsey! I’m a teacher, mentor, spiritual-seeker and world-traveler. For the last 7 years I have been steeped in the study of astrology, depth-psychology, counselling skills, yoga, meditation and the healing arts.

Through a twist of fate, I met my first astrology teacher and, over the course of a 12-month apprenticeship, my mind was completely blown. I had discovered the most fascinating way of understanding individuality, the most inspiring way of looking at our soul journeys, the most exquisite practice of universal love, a calling to serve, and deep fulfillment.

I’m so moved by the power of this feminine science and its ability to support our personal transformation that I’ve dedicated my life to serving others by sharing it as a sacred practice. I give one-on-one readings and work with clients around the world as a mentor for personal development. I also teach workshops in astrology, yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra, mudra and soul alchemy.

This 4-Week Course Includes:

  • An Introduction to the Foundations of Evolutionary Astrology
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Birth Charts
  • The Energies of the 10 Major Planetary Influences, plus Chiron
  • An In-Depth Exploration of the 12 Zodiac Signs + Introduction to Sign Alchemy
  • Introduction to the Language of Astrological Archetypes
  • Introduction to Shadow Work
  • Tips for Working with Your Own Chart
  • Practice Chart Reading
  • 4x weekly Zoom classes, Wednesdays Sept 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th, with lifetime access to playbacks
  • Online group discussion forum where you can connect with me and your classmates daily
  • Optional homework assignments and reflection questions to further your learning
  • Astrology Foundations Workbook

  • ALSO INCLUDES: Lifetime Sacred Soul membership, including discounts on future workshops and special opportunities for ongoing support

This truly unique offering brings together the teachings of evolutionary & archetypal astrology, yoga philosophy and practices, and the principles of transformative shadow-work.

What Others Are Saying:

“Lindsey’s knowledge and passion shines through in her astrology offerings. I was amazed with the depth she brings and she inspires me to want to learn more.”

– Luanne, Boulder, Colorado

“I so appreciate the effort Lindsey brings to ensure that you understand the teachings on your own level. She explains evolutionary astrology in such a way that it is very easy to learn. I have always wanted to learn more about the Sun and Moon and how they influence our lives and she has started to help me do just that. She is a one-of-a-kind teacher who has so much enthusiasm for what she does!”

Amber – Depoe Bay, Oregon

If you haven’t learned anything about astrology before, no worries! You don’t need to have any prior experience.

Even if you have already been using astrology, this course covers techniques and offers one-on-one support that will take your interpretations to the next level.

Receive a lifetime Sacred Soul membership with discounts on future courses, including Level 2 & Apprenticeship Program.

Repeat the course and/or live Q&A sessions anytime they’re offered over the next 2 years.


Leave your email below for updates about the 2023 Spring Session!

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