August 2022 Astrology Highlights

Summer Blessings! I hope yours has been super sweet!

I usually take a bit of a break during this time of year to rest and play, but I’ve also been working in the background to create my new astrology foundations course – Sacred Soul Level 1 this SeptemberRegistration is NOW OPEN (until Aug 24th)!

I have some great offerings coming up over the next few weeks, including a special class on The Hero’s Journey (virtual and in-person), an Intro to Fall Astrology (coming soon!) and Harvest: A Fall Equinox Retreat. I hope to see you soon!

Here are some quick reflections, and general guidance, on the astrology of this August, it’s going to be a powerful month!

August Astrology Highlights

The Leo Season (late July + first 3 weeks of August)

Leo rules passion, care-free joyfulness and open-hearted generosity; use this time explore your creative side; find joy in your most authentic forms of self-expression; indulge in the sweetness of the moment; dance with your inner child; let go of wanting more; take care to embody your highest values in all your words and actions.

Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus (throughout August) + Mars (July 25th-Aug 9th)

The destruction of outdated structures; fortunate surprises; a revolution in some key area of your life; making way for the new; expanding in radically new directions. Being propelled forward on your destined path. An assertion of boundaries and self-worth. A newfound appreciation of our sacred relationship with Mother Earth.

KEY OPPORTUNITY PERIOD!! Grand Trine in Fire + Lion’s Gate (Aug 7th-8th)

Yowza! This energy is hot and the level of passion is super intense! Fire energy has an infectious zest for life and loves to jump in with both feet. It’s the energetic frequency of joy, creativity, confidence, adventure and freedom. A beautiful opportunity to overcome self-doubt. Trust in what comes about when you act authentically, wholeheartedly and courageously.

Grand Cross Activation (throughout the month) + Full Moon in Aquarius (Aug 11th)

Generally, grand cross energy is quite tense. There’s a need need for focus and self-awareness. Honor all that resides in the heart without trying to push anything away; find freedom in your most authentic expressions. This will be a key time for processing grief and/or resentment, while practicing radical acceptance. It’s one of the key turning points in the astrology of 2022 overall.

Virgo Season Begins (Aug 22nd) + Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow (Aug 21st-Sept 10th)

Towards the end of the month, it’s time to think about slowing down a bit. Bring focus to what needs to be put into order in your life; there’s a shift towards practicality and taking care of unfinished business. Consider where you need to practice self-care as you come into the month of September. We’ll have 7 planets in retrograde by then so it’s going to be a great time for reflecting on the wisdom you’ve gained this year so far. The end of the month brings a meditative energy – be mindful to soften rigidity and leave room for the unexpected. Don’t fill your schedule with too many commitments; be willing to flow with a sense of trust.

Virgo New Moon (Aug 27th)

A great time for finding newfound ease within yourself; softening the inner critic and letting go of tendencies to people-please; re-evaluating your commitments; simplifying, organizing and creating clarity; making the changes needed to get out of a rut.

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