Aquarius Full Moon: A Key Turning Point – 08.11.2022

Other than the eclipses, this Full Moon brings one of the most significant activations of the Lunar Nodes for the whole year. In your natal chart, the Lunar Nodes represent a key element of your destiny path – your life’s journey to discover and fully realize your dharma or life purpose, where you bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you.

This Full Moon forms a Grand Cross (quadruple square aspect!) to the Lunar Nodes, which brings a very difficult kind of energy. Squares challenge us to shake up what’s become stagnant. There’s a sense of tension that calls for action, representing a breakthrough or break-free that’s vital to your dharma.

The Aquarius Full Moon is a time to lean into radical self-acceptance. Aquarius energy celebrates the beauty of your individual uniqueness and invites you to show up exactly as you are, uncensored and unapologetic. Above all, Aquarius values freedom of expression.

The polarity between the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon is calling you to tap into your deepest sources of joy, passion, creativity and generosity of heart. Where is ‘light’ in your life and how does it inspire you? How are you allowing this life force to flow through you?

The tension of the Grand Cross describes a calling to clear away obstacles in your path so that you can ‘level up’. You’re being invited to step forward into a new chapter of personal growth. This clearing may involve a subtle shift in perspective that’s been gradually taking root, or a sudden and dramatic event.

This Full Moon, squaring the South Node in Scorpio, has the potential to bring up intensely powerful emotions, memories and regrets – a key theme for the astrology of this year. Layers of grief are being processed, perhaps more than you ever thought possible. As we come to terms with this karmic releasing, the heart knows what needs to be cleared but this can only happen by feeling deeply. At the same time, the mind may not be ready to let go of what was once very dear.

This Full Moon’s alignment with Saturn points to a key shift in an area of your life that’s in the process of being reorganized. If you have been dedicating a great deal of effort to the development of a new skill over the last several months, you may find that you’re finally hitting your stride. If there are setbacks, pay attention to the lessons you can gain from them – nothing is in vain. Saturn serves to move you out of your comfort zone so that you can gain the life lessons needed to grow.

The North Node in Taurus conjunct Uranus – the final point in the cross – is calling you to lean into something wildly unknown. An evolution that may seem thrilling or terrifying, perhaps even both. This calling is aligned with this year’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus (back in April) – a time when the seeds of your destiny were being planted. As these seedlings begin to sprout, we now see their form and colors more clearly.

The alignment with Uranus represents necessary change. It challenges you to let go of anything that is comfortable yet inauthentic. It shakes you awake and reminds you of your true essence. During this time, you may be called to make changes that others do not understand (at least not at first) in order to spread your own wings.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How am I connecting with others? Do I really let others ‘see’ me? Do I alienate people by acting ‘cool’ and distant? Am I holding myself back because I am guarding against rejection?
  2. Do I operate within social circles whose values and ideals reflect my own?
  3. Where am I being called to take on more responsibility now?
  4. Am I confident voicing my own perspective even when it might mean taking a controversial stance?
  5. What area of my life needs a radical shaking up??

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