Late Summer Mercury Retrograde – September / October 2022: Navigation Guidance

Mercury retrograde is an astrological season that guides us to reflect, reset and rejuvenate on all levels. Take a step back to gain valuable perspective during this period of sacred pause.

Mercury will be retrograde in Libra and Virgo from Sept 9th – Oct 2nd. Here’s what you need to know:


Pre-Retrograde Shadow

Retrograde vibes will be easing in from August 21st to Sept 9th – this is when you want to begin aligning with the rhythm of retrograde. Notice the areas of your life needing some extra attention – where do you need to nurture, tidy, repair or rejuvenate? Plan a couple of days for you to indulge in self-care during the retrograde period – your future self will thank you!

Gradually, allow yourself to slow down. Bring any projects you’ve been pushing forward to a close or logical plateau where you can regroup for a few weeks.

Mercury ‘Officially’ Retrograde

Mercury is officially retrograde from Sept 9th to October 2nd. Use these 3 weeks to restore and catch up with yourself. This is your permission slip to put your feet up!

Your energy may feel a little depleted during this time so don’t fill your calendar with too many commitments. Retrograde is a feminine energy that calls for ease, fluidity and introspection. Flow with grace by cultivating patience and letting go of rigid expectations. This is not a time to force anything. Practice being easy with yourself and others.

Allow for things to take longer than usual to get done. During Mercury retrograde, there are often mishaps and misunderstandings involving communication, technology and transportation so remember not to take anything personally now.

For the next few weeks, give yourself permission to let go of worrying about the future. We’ll have 7 planets in retrograde this September (wow!) so this is a key time for meditation, inward reflection and shadow-work. Take a few moments to reflect on the wisdom you’ve gained this year so far. Make peace with what’s come to pass.

Ground yourself with a nourishing yoga practice, meditate, read a great book, attend a weekend retreat, plan an artist date with yourself, receive a massage or reiki healing, journal, get out in nature and enjoy the fall colors, cook a nourishing farm-to-table meal. Cultivate softness wherever you can and leave room for unexpected miracles.

The Energy of Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury retrograde in Libra, represents an opportunity to reflect on personal boundaries and learn to communicate more effectively in your relationships. It can also be an opportunity to address indecisiveness and overly-idealistic thinking.

Libra in your birth chart indicates where you seek beauty, harmony and balance in life, but there is also a caution now to become aware of ‘complacency’. Might the desire for outer peace be creating distress or anxiety within? Is a fear of rocking the proverbial boat guiding your decisions?

During Mercury retrograde, you may become more aware of personal shadows related to Libra energy. Be mindful to bring awareness to;

– Lack of commitment / indecisiveness
– Fear of confrontation / ‘going along to get along’
– Avoiding the root cause of important issues
– Giving away too much in order to ‘keep the peace’
– Fears around being alone that may be holding you back from your soul’s calling

It may be time to let go of compromising yourself for the sake of others’ comfort. During this retrograde season, Mercury will oppose Jupiter in Aries 3 times (on Sept 2nd, Sept 18th & Oct 12th) – describing a call for radical honesty.

Use the Libra New Moon on Sept 25th to reawaken your relationship with the divine feminine within, practice radical acceptance and set new intentions around personal boundaries. Learn more about joining us for a day of nurturing and rejuvenation at Harvest: A Fall Equinox Retreat.

How can you create more simplicity, ease and mutual respect in your personal environment? Don’t be afraid to walk away from unnecessary drama.

There’s a calling to lean into your own independence now – notice if it feels good to break away from the pack and spend more time doing your own thing.

The Energy of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury retrograde in Virgo may be calling you to let go of control. Where are you being too critical or judgmental right now? In personal relationships, where do you need to let someone you love make their own mistakes? Soften your attachment to how things ought to be.

The tension between Virgo and Pisces energy during this time (especially around the Pisces Full Moon on Sept 10th), as well as with Mars moving through his retrograde pre-shadow period in Gemini can bring up strong feelings of anxiety. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’ and frustrated or burnt out by trying to do too much. Simplify wherever you can and try to let go of needing to have it all figured out right now.

During this retrograde season, Mercury will trine Pluto in Capricorn 3 times (on Aug 22nd, Sept 27th and Oct 6th) – calling you to cultivate the self-discipline you need to truly live in alignment with your core values.

This can be a good time for re-establishing healthy routines, taking care of unpaid bills, and tidying up the messy areas of your life. Evaluate and rebalance your priorities – if you’ve been spreading yourself too thin, it’s time to dial it back. Let go of the pressure to be perfect.

Post-Retrograde Shadow

We’ll be slowly easing out of the Mercury retrograde season from Oct 3rd – 17th. As you ‘wake up’ from the sleepy energy of retrograde, notice any shifts, revelations or insights you’ve gained over the last 5-7 weeks. Where have you experienced closure? Where have you created more space?

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Meditation / Journal Prompts for this Mercury Retrograde

  • What aspect of my life needs to be re-organized, re-evaluated or de-cluttered? Where is there stagnant energy that needs to be shifted?
  • Am I holding healthy boundaries for myself in my relationships and career? 
  • Is there some unspoken truth which needs to be aired out?
  • Where am I being held back by fear of failure, or fear of success?
  • What healthy habits are non-negotiable?

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