September Astrology

We have 7 planets (and 2 asteroids) in retrograde this month, wow! This is definitely a time to slow down and catch up with yourself. Notice what needs to be put into order in your life and make extra time for self-care. September energy calls for inward reflection, shadow-work, and letting go of old stories.

Mercury goes retrograde on Sept 9th and we’re already under the influence of the pre-retrograde shadow. I’ve created a guide for flowing mindfully this astrological season so you can align with its rhythm throughout the month. Retrograde is a feminine energy and this month you’re being invited to flow with the goddess. Keywords for Mercury retrograde: rest, reset, restore, nurture, replenish, lightheartedness.

Ground yourself with a nourishing yoga practice, meditate, read a great book, join a weekend retreat, plan an artist date with yourself, receive a massage or reiki healing, journal, get out in nature and enjoy the fall colors, cook a nourishing farm-to-table meal. Cultivate softness wherever you can and leave room for unexpected miracles.

Key Activations in September

9/2 – Mercury in Libra oppose Jupiter in Aries – This is the first of 3 oppositions between Mercury and Jupiter over the next few weeks. It will bring up tension wherever there’s a need for greater honesty – perhaps with yourself or in certain relationships. Where are you beating around the bush in order to spare someone else’s feelings, and what is the cost? You may need to look deep within to really tune into hidden desires or motivations. This is also an important time to assert healthy boundaries.

9/3 – Waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – An invitation to let go of worrying about the little details! Allow yourself to be a little more spontaneous and free-spirited than you might normally be. Open your heart to the mysteries of life with a sense of wonder, curiosity and joy.

9/7-9 – Sun and Venus in Virgo quincunx Chiron in Aries – Activations of Chiron often show up as opportunities to overcome self-doubt and realize your ability to become the hero of your own story. There’s a complicated tension now that may show up as the triggering of old wounds – fear of failure is strong. But there’s also an opportunity to empower yourself in a new way. Lean towards simplicity – that clear, authentic voice within which speaks from the heart. Don’t be afraid to disturb the peace as you express your personal needs. Trust that the past isn’t destined to be repeated.

9/9 – Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Use the next 3 weeks to restore and catch up with yourself. This is your permission slip to put your feet up! Your energy may feel a little depleted during this time so don’t fill your calendar with too many commitments.

Retrograde is a feminine energy that calls for ease, fluidity and introspection. Flow with grace by cultivating patience and letting go of rigid expectations. This is not a time to force anything. Practice being easy with yourself and others. Read more.

9/10 – Full Moon in Pisces – This Full Moon will be aligned with both Neptune and Juno in Pisces. The Moon forming a trine to the South Node, just weeks ahead of next month’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, brings an opportunity for emotional catharsis through the courageous releasing of old stories.

Pisces energy represents the mysterious emotions of the deep unconscious, and the next several weeks represent the culmination of internal processing that’s been taking place for the better part of this year. You may feel a breakthrough now.  Once again, you’re invited to flow with the goddess.

Saturn continues to form a t-square to the lunar nodes, describing a revelation which may at first be difficult to accept. With Lilith in Leo and Selena in Aquarius, it’s a key time to let go of attachment to how things ‘ought’ to be.

9/16-20 – Sun, Moon & Neptune t-square, Waning Quarter Moon in Gemini, Sun trine Pluto, Venus square Mars + Trine Uranus, Mars Sextile Chiron & Mercury oppose Jupiter

WOW! There’s so much happening over this 4-day period! These activations point to dramatic shifts – tension and a culmination of the energies that have been building throughout the month, followed by a moment of release. A pure energy within urges to break free. Mars square Venus can trigger anxiety and a vague sense of despair. This is an important time to let go of needing to have all the answers. It’s also an important time to notice where tendencies to ‘people please’ are creating unnecessary stress in your life. As Mercury makes its 2nd opposition to Jupiter, honor yourself by speaking your truth.

Neptune’s opposition to the Sun (with the Moon forming a t-square) opens us up to the dream world; bringing strange encounters but also synchronicities and unexpected miracles. You are being invited to trust your intuition and surrender to the unknown. Don’t make rigid plans during this time. Can you soften the need to be in control and stay open to new opportunities?

This energy can feel especially whimsical, unpredictable and confusing – remember to allow for uncertainty and even dissolution now as you move through this transformative passage.

9/22 – Fall Equinox, Sun enters Libra, Mabon/Libra Season – In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox marks the Sun’s halfway point in its shift towards the southern sky. The Equinox, and Sun’s progression into the cardinal air sign of Libra, calls for heightened awareness, reflection and release. As we witness nature preparing for winter, we’re also invited to assess, let go and rebalance.

9/25-28 – Libra New Moon opposing Jupiter, Venus conjunct Mercury and Trine Pluto, Mars trine Saturn – There’s a strong energy now around karmic endings and new beginnings. As the month of September comes to a close, a period of powerful introspection culminates in the setting of intentions for a new way forward, resolutions to establish healthier habits, boundaries and relationships. A new sense of being rooted in the truth of who you are. The self-love you cultivate radiates out to all areas of your life. Invoke the wisdom of the goddess within – what do you really need to experience balance and harmony in your life now?

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