Pisces Full Moon : The Breaking Wave – 9.10.2022

Key Themes:

Emotional Catharsis

Unconditional Love

Revelations / New Understanding

Pisces represents surrender – the experience of things falling apart in order to come together in a new way. This Pisces Full Moon forms a trine to the South Node and marks the beginning of the fall eclipse season, which brings an opportunity for emotional catharsis through the courageous releasing of old stories. The heart is called to process grief, uncertainty, fear, and longing.

At the same time, this activation brings the most beautiful opportunity to fill your heart with the highest form of universal love, and then let it be your guide.

Neptune’s alignment with this Full Moon creates a potent sensitivity to the emotions stored in our deep unconscious – memories from childhood, feelings of regret for times we cannot change or relive, all the pains we have learned to push away.

As the Moon also aligns with Juno in Pisces you may be feeling intense confusion now, especially around a key partnership in your life. Saturn continues to form a T-square to the Lunar Nodes, describing a revelation which may at first be difficult to accept. What once brought comfort and stability seems now to be losing its form.

The Sun’s trine to Uranus describes a heightened sense of urgency around necessary change – a feeling of restlessness or frustration points to the shift that must be allowed to shake up what’s become stagnated, either internally or externally. This activation can give you the empowerment you need to move forward from a state of persistent mental and emotional overwhelm, feelings of helplessness, self-sabotage, unhealthy habits or relationships.

The Moon becomes full just as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra, describing a call for introspection and rest. Your physical and mental energy may feel especially depleted now, while the stirrings of the heart are simultaneously intensified. The mind (stationing Mercury) slows, while the heart (Pisces Moon) swells into fullness, and perhaps even overflows.

Neptune in Pisces, along with Jupiter in retrograde on the Pisces cusp, represents an intensifying awareness of the Spirit realm, all that is mysterious, mystical and unseen – the dream world and impressions of the ancient past stored in our collective unconscious. Emotional imprints contained in the fabric of our DNA. Echoes of voices seemingly gone.

As we open to these transcendent realms, you may experience more feeling than your body can contain, perhaps even a cathartic release. Do not try to hold it in – allow these Piscean waters to flow and cleanse you. Surrender to the wave and let it carry you to a new shore.

Do not resist the calling to open yourself to the feeling realm. These complicated emotions must be felt intimately, and ultimately purified by the heart. It is indeed a holy passage.

Part of the tension between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon, Neptune and Juno in Pisces involves the pain of accepting that you can’t control everything. At the same time, you also can’t just allow yourself to become the victim. Poetically, Lilith in Leo and Selena in Aquarius remind you to release attachment to romantic notions, or outdated beliefs about how things ‘ought’ to be.

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