Late September ‘High Points’: Key Activations Sept 16th-23rd

There’s a dramatic unfolding in the heavens over the coming week! These activations represent a culmination of the energies that have been building throughout the month and point to revelations, radical acceptance, grace, and a gesture of release:

9/16 – Venus square Mars + Sun oppose Neptune

9/17 – Mars sextile Chiron

9/18 – Mercury oppose Jupiter + Sun trine Pluto

9/19-20 – Venus trine Uranus + quincunx Saturn

9/22 – Sun enters Libra + Fall Equinox

9/23 – Mercury (Rx) conjunct the Sun

Friday’s Venus / Mars square combined with Mercury retrograde can bring tension in romantic relationships as well as communication blunders – oye! Venus in Virgo is driven by high expectations as it seeks order, organization and control. Meanwhile the energy of Mars in Gemini is scattered, distracted and ungrounded. This can also describe a source of tension playing out within the self.

This time may bring frustration and temporarily hinder productivity, but it also describes the calling to take a step back to regroup – a fresh perspective wants to be recognized. In its highest expressions, this Venus/Mars configuration can bring resourcefulness, innovation and joyful spontaneous creativity.

The Moon aligns with Mars on Friday and then forms a T-square to the Sun and Neptune on Saturday. The Sun’s opposition to Neptune describes the tension between stability and chaos, rationality and romance, the present and the past. This activation asks you to consider where overthinking is getting in the way of your ability to see what’s really true. Where are you trying to bring your mind up to speed with your heart? Acceptance is key now – there is no more debate or analysis needed. Let go of needing to have all the answers.

A pure energy within urges to break free. While this passage can feel especially whimsical, unpredictable and confusing, remember to allow for uncertainty and even dissolution now. Allow the winds of change to blow in their perfect intelligence, and let go of resistance so that Spirit (Neptune) may bring the synchronicities you’re looking for.

On Saturday night, Mars makes the first of what will be three sextile alignments with Chiron over the next five months. Activations of Chiron often show up as opportunities to overcome self-doubt and free yourself from the old stories which no longer serve your highest good. In this first pulse (the next one comes in December), fear of failure is strong and there may also be feelings of anxiety or helplessness. A voice of self-criticism (the fearful inner child) wants to be soothed. What would it look like to feel the fear and do it anyway?

This is a powerful time to love the parts of your deep self that are yearning for nurturing and compassion. That may involve committing to healthier habits, boundaries and self-care. Trust that disappointments from the past will not be repeated.

As Mercury comes into its second opposition with Jupiter this Sunday, there’s a calling to honor yourself by speaking your truth – even if it rocks the boat. If you’re feeling frustrated, angry or disconnected from yourself, it may be a sign that a hidden yearning of the soul wants to come to the surface and be acknowledged. Are you beating around the bush in order to spare someone’s feelings, and if so, what is the cost? This is also an important time to let go of people pleasing and assert healthy boundaries. What you do you need to tune in and get clear with yourself?

Next Thursday the Sun enters Libra, which also marks the Fall Equinox. The Equinox, and Sun’s progression into the cardinal air sign of Libra, calls for heightened awareness, reflection and release. As we witness nature preparing for winter, we’re also invited to assess, let go and rebalance.

Finally, Mercury aligns with the Sun next Friday, marking the midpoint of its retrograde season. This activation represents clarity, grace and bittersweet acceptance – a sublime recognition of beauty, savoring the sweetness of the now moment with a full breath, but also the acknowledgement that nature’s cycles bring perpetual transformation: death and renewal.

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