The Libra Lunar Cycle (and Fall Eclipse Season) Begins

The Fall Eclipse Season is now underway, bringing a strong activation around karmic endings and new beginnings over the next 2 months.

This weekend’s Libra New Moon calls for awareness of the balance of give and take in your life. In its highest vibration, Libra represents respect for self and others, kindness, compromise, tolerance, and compassionate communication. Above all, Libra seeks harmony, equality, friendship and gentle ease. 

My affirmation for this time of the year is ‘I align’, and this guidance feels especially potent now. With Mercury Retrograde in its final week (in Virgo, the sign ruling our habits, responsibilities and self-care), and with the Fall Eclipse season upon us, each of us is going to be moving through a personal turning point

And Mercury is just one of 9 heavenly bodies (including Chiron, Eris and Juno) now in retrograde! This is powerful stuff! These vibes can bring closing chapters, important revelations, deep introspection, and healing on all levels of self – a new sense of being rooted in the truth of who you are. In the short-term, things may be falling apart in a way that’s necessary to the evolutionary process. 

Jupiter’s opposition to the New Moon represents a calling for radical honesty with yourself and in your relationships. This Libra lunar cycle insists that you bring awareness to wherever you may be sacrificing your own inner peace to accommodate others. 

Some themes of the coming 4 weeks include;

– Establishing Healthier Personal Habits and Boundaries

– Finding the Courage to voice your Truth (your aspirations, desires or needs) without Defensiveness, Guilt or Shame

– Profound Self-Love & Compassion 

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