October Astrology Highlights : Creativity & Innovation

October’s astrology describes awakening, innovation and long-awaited breakthroughs. Mercury is waking up from sleepy retrograde just in time for a Grand Trine in air that’s in play for most of the month, how invigorating! This activation inspires our curiosity, analytical skills and resourcefulness.

Energies are building towards the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Oct 25th advancing our evolutionary journey into a new chapter. We’ll end the month with Mars going retrograde for the first time in 2 years (and we’re already feeling the influence of its pre-shadow) – over the next 6 months, this astrological season will guide us to reflect on our ego drive and relationship with the warrior archetype.

Astrological Highlights for October:

Mercury, Pluto & Saturn station Direct

Throughout the month, we’re in a process of ‘waking up’ from a very sleepy retrograde season. This turning of the tides from a strong feminine influence towards one that’s more masculine describes a moment of renewal, a turning point or ‘revolution’. You have the opportunity to move forward from this point with less emotional and karmic ‘baggage’.

Mercury stations direct on Oct 2nd, Pluto on Oct 8th, and Saturn on Oct 22nd.

Grand Trine in Air + Full Moon in Aries & ‘Sacred Kite’ Formation

The Sun and Venus in Libra form a grand trine to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, which peaks around the same time as the Aries Full Moon. This rare alignment inspires our curiosity and can also bring us greater discernment. The element of Air is quick-moving and quick-witted – you may feel like the mind is racing or brimming full of fresh ideas. As Air is also focused on the sense of observation, there’s an opportunity to see your life from a new vantage point. These vibes also support collaboration, creative problem-solving, and innovation.

Heightened air energy may also elevate feelings of anxiety or cynicism – the mind easily run away with itself or gets lost in an imagined ‘doomsday’ that never comes to pass. Ground by spending time in nature and give yourself a break from technology! You can also tap into the fire element by getting some physical exercise and getting the blood flowing (fire balances extreme air).

This activation will be especially potent around the Full Moon in Aries on Oct 9th , when Chiron opposes the Sun and forms a sextile to both Saturn and Mars (this creates a rare ‘kite’ aspect pattern, wow!) This holy signature brings a strong focus to your relationship with Chiron and the archetype of the wounded healer. I wrote in some depth about the evolutionary themes of Chiron earlier this year. I’m also sharing a Free Masterclass on the warrior archetype just in time for this Full Moon activation so we can navigate this powerful alignment together!

From around Oct 14th – 21st, Eris will enter into a second sacred kite pattern, opposing both the Sun and Venus, while forming a sextile to both Mars and Saturn, holy moly! This activation of the Goddess of Discord brings heightened awareness to how we deal with feelings of anger, rejection and abandonment. It will be an important time to let go of vanity or and the need to be right.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

The spooky drama of October’s astrology continues with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, aligned with the Lunar South Node on Oct 25th. This activation represents a calling to release old resentments of the past in order to tap into a new sense of self-empowerment. It can be an extremely emotional passage as we work to heal some of our oldest and most sensitive wounds. I will be working on a deeper level with a small group on guidance for tuning into the energies of both the Solar Eclipse and November’s Lunar Eclipse on a personal level on October 18th so that we can bring a deeper understanding and spiritual context to these passages.

Mars Retrograde Begins

Mars retrograde brings attention to our relationship with the sacred warrior archetype. In Gemini, this activation guides us to become more aware of the inner workings of the mind – and perhaps how we can come to be at war with ourselves in our own psyche. When Mars is retrograde it loses vitality and brings a fog of confusion, physical weakness, frustration and lowered self-confidence.

You may find this passage particularly intense if you have key placements (your Sun, Moon or Rising sign for example) in the sign of Gemini, or in another mutable sign (Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces). Mars retrograde only comes around once every 2 years, and the last time Mars was retrograde in Gemini was in 2008.  

The influences of Mars will be especially strong between October 7th-14th, when Mars is involved in a Grand Trine to the Sun, Venus and Saturn, and square Neptune, around the Full Moon. It stations retrograde at 25 degrees, from October 21st to November 8th.

On October 8th, I’m sharing a FREE masterclass on the energy of Mars retrograde, with guidance for navigating this season over the next 6 months.

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