Full Moon in Aries, Grand Trine in Air & Sacred Kite Formations (Wow!) – Oct 7th-14th, 2022

Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries really packs a punch! Aries is the archetype of the warrior and the trailblazer. Ruled by Mars, this activation invites you to consider your relationship with the divine masculine and the ‘warrior’ within you.

How do you use (or surrender) your personal power? How does your inner fire propel you forward in life? Or, where might you be burning too hot?

From Oct 7th-14th we also have a rare Grand Trine in air between the Sun, Mars and Saturn – this alignment supports curiosity, creativity, innovative problem solving, a heightened capacity for analytical thinking, and even psychic connection.

Air is the energy of lightheartedness and clever wit; flashes of inspiration and the ability to see life from a new vantage point. It rules observation, and can help with cultivating greater discernment.

The polarity of this Full Moon, between Aries (the Ram) and Libra (the Scales), brings awareness to the balance between wild impulse and tempered diplomacy; bold risk-taking and careful analysis; serving oneself and compromising in order to create harmony with others.

Where do you need to take the time to communicate in order to create more transparency, trust or co-operation in your relationships? On the other hand, where do you need to let go of worrying about what other people might think and just go for it?

A final pulse of Saturn’s square to Uranus brings the culmination of an epic 2-year activation. Throughout this time, Saturn has been beating its drum of discipline, focus, perseverance, and hard work in an area of life where you have been striving to burst forward.

Although this growth process has brought countless setbacks and frustrations, it’s also challenged you to sustain your commitment, strengthen your personal resolve, cultivate new skills, and ultimately to believe in yourself so viscerally that you no longer rely on validation from others to keep you going.

Where you have persisted, you’re now beginning to see results – the arrival to a new plateau and an emerging new hope; the promise of freedom, accomplishment and reward.

This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and sextile to both Saturn and Mars, which creates a rare ‘kite’ aspect pattern, or sacred geometry in the sky. This holy signature brings tremendous focus to your relationship with Chiron, archetype of the wounded healer and the alchemist. Chiron represents your epic healing journey – your personal hero story.

In the natal chart, Chiron represents where you struggle to fully accept yourself. Chiron in Aries brings heaviness and doubt to our assertions of – ‘I am’, ‘I deserve’, ‘I need’, or even ‘I am not’ within the context of setting boundaries and embodying your personal integrity. Chiron calls you to reflect deeply on your innermost (perhaps unconscious) sources of self-doubt and embark on a healing journey to transform them.

Chiron in Aries represents learning to trust in your strength – expressing yourself honestly, simply and unapologetically, without needing to make anyone ‘less than’ in the process.

Chiron’s evolutionary purpose is to challenge you to discover where you need to let go of the narrative of self-doubt and tap into the fire of your courageous heart.

When Chiron is in Aries, you are being called to take a leap of faith in pursuit of what really lights you up. Claim your passions, your independence and your right to ‘be’. I wrote in some depth about the evolutionary themes of Chiron (‘The Hero Within‘), and Chiron’s passage through Aries, earlier this year – click here to read more.

From around Oct 14th – 21st, Eris will enter into a second sacred kite pattern, opposing both the Sun and Venus, while forming a sextile to both Mars and Saturn. This activation of the Goddess of Discord brings heightened awareness to how we deal with feelings of anger, rejection and abandonment. It will be an important time to let go of vanity, or the desire for vengeance.

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