Cancer Full Moon: Trusting in Your Strength – 1.6.2023

The Cancer Full Moon is exact at 6:08pm EST / 4:08pm MST on Friday, January 6th, 2023


Nurturing Tender Emotions / Giving Yourself Permission to Feel

Trusting in Your Strength

Honoring Your Hero’s Journey / Accepting the Past

The Moon is in her rulership in the sign of Cancer, and this Full Moon is all about matters of the heart. As the cup of the heart overflows, what spills out? It may feel for some of us like overwhelming gratitude – a joy we can hardly contain within us. On the other hand (or perhaps at the same time), it may feel like a desperate longing, pulling on our heartstrings in an almost unbearable way. As the cardinal water sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents our emotional desires – the ways in which we seek connection and acceptance through relationships; the primal need to be seen and loved for who we truly are.

This Cancer Full Moon invites you to consider where you’re longing to let your guard down, stop being hard on yourself and let go of trying so hard. Where do you need to give yourself the simple permission to receive love – perhaps from your own self?

At the same time, you may be called to realize where you’re needing to give more space and freedom to someone you love and not overstep certain boundaries. Exaggerated expressions of Cancer can show up as neediness, or loving in a way that’s overbearing or even suffocating. Where might you need to show more trust, or independence, in your relationships?

Where might you be needing to practice self-care and self-nurturing so that you are not holding others responsible for your wellbeing?

Cancer energy is all about creating awareness to what we’re feeling. What emotions do you need to recognize, acknowledge and name within you now?

Feeling into ourselves is a practice and skill. As we move through this tender lunation, take a moment to notice and then sit with whatever feelings are present with you now, without needing to change them; without judgement. Practice curiosity about your own internal layers. A powerful shift can come from giving yourself permission to feel now. The Cancer Full Moon wants to shake loose and release stagnated emotions so the heart may be cleansed and renewed.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury (which is also now in retrograde) in Capricorn, there’s an invitation to speak your truth, especially when it comes to your core values, but also related to your long-term goals and vision. What do you really want for yourself going forward? How do you want to feel in your career, your relationships, in your own skin?

Jupiter in Aries takes this further by asking you to consider what you need to feel a greater sense of freedom, independence? Where are you longing to expand in order to discover a new experience of fulfilment?

Truths may be bubbling up from deep within, and what comes to the surface now may surprise you. At the same time, there’s such a beautiful opportunity for breakthroughs which can allow you to feel greater of alignment, and personal integrity, within and without.

Key Activations

  • Grand Trine in Water involving Lilith, Selena and the South Node is elevating emotional intensity in a big way. You may need to hold space for great (or even dark) feelings of sadness or melancholy. At the same time, there’s great potential to tap into the energy of Selena in Pisces – she’s like a divine lighthouse emanating a beacons of sublime universal love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, and trust.
  • The Full Moon’s square to Chiron triggers tender old wounds and stories of unworthiness. At the same times, Chiron invites us to realize that we are not alone in our feelings of doubt or insecurity. This Full Moon is calling you to honor where you are in your hero’s journey, and consider all that resides on the other side of fear now.
  • The Full Moon’s sextile to both Uranus and the North Node + a sacred ‘kite’ formation that points to this same spot invites you to take action; to embrace change, new forms of expression, and the unexpected.

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