2023 Astrology Highlights!

Wishing you many blessings with this New Year! Also, it’s been a minute! I’ve spent the last several weeks in a period of rest and reset, indulging in soul-care, spending time with cherished friends and generally being unplugged. It’s felt great, and for me very much in line with the current Mars and Mercury retrograde seasons. As this integration period winding down, I’m so excited to reconnect with you as we embark on this new year and new chapter. 

And… 2023 is going to be an EPIC year astrologically. We have a number of once-in-a-lifetime alignments coming, which you’re likely feeling the influences of even now. Some key themes coming forward are courageous action, tender heartedness and owning your power.

2023 Astrology Highlights

Jan 12th – Mars Direct
Mar 8th – Saturn enters Pisces
Mar 12th – Jupiter conjunct Chiron
Mar 23th-Jun 11th – Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius
Mar-Nov 2023 – Pluto squares the Lunar Nodes
Apr 20th-May 5th – Spring Eclipses
May 15th – Jupiter enters Taurus
July 17th – North Node enters Aries / South Node enters Libra
July 23rd-Sep 3rd – Venus Retrograde in Leo
Oct 14th-28th – Fall Eclipses

On Saturday, January 21st, I’m sharing a FREE 2023 Astrology Overview Live Discussion, register to join live or receive a copy of the playback. Gain an understanding of the archetypal energies being activated now and what this means for our collective evolution, as well as your own journey and let us gather in community to honor our sacred connection with these ancient teachings.

I’m also excited to offer 2023 Year Ahead Personalized Readings to support you in feeling truly empowered as you navigate the year ahead, with a deeper understanding of what’s coming up in your evolutionary journey, guidance for working with key ‘pain points’, and insights into hidden opportunities. 

I’m so deeply grateful to be doing this work and looking forward to supporting you as we draw on the teachings of evolutionary astrology to rise together through these activations. Thank you!

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