Aquarius New Moon: A Refreshing Shift – 1.21.2023

The Aquarius New Moon signifies a refreshing energetic shift with both Mars and Mercury direct for the first time this year.

This New Moon makes a beautiful sextile to Jupiter in Aries, representing an invitation to find your voice in a new way and celebrate the unique gifts only you can offer in this world. Jupiter energizes the New Moon with a boost of courage, self-awareness, enthusiasm and spontaneity. It represents a new level of confidence and clarity around your purpose, along with an impulse to take bold action. What’s the next step for you to pursue your biggest dreams, and how can you move forward over the next 4 weeks?

As Jupiter squares Mercury in Capricorn, and with Mars still in its early stages of waking up from a long retrograde passage through Gemini, there’s a caution not to get caught up in too much overthinking. The opportunity with this activation is to put the inner critic in its place, so don’t judge yourself too harshly and don’t let the fear of failure keep you on the sidelines.

The sign of Aquarius is all about radical self-acceptance. In its highest form of expression, this energy confidently owns its power and its value in the world. Aquarius embraces its uniqueness and isn’t afraid to speak its truth boldly and unapologetically. It has a curious nature that loves to learn, experiment, innovate, and embrace change. This sign proudly celebrates individual freedom as well as the power of diversity.

In your natal chart, Aquarius energy represents a primal need for authentic self-expression, but also the desire to feel connection and belonging within your ‘tribe’. This New Moon’s opposition to Lilith (the Black Moon) also describes bringing awareness to an old wound or insecurity that may be triggering feelings of neediness, a fear of rejection, or desires for a certain form of approval in order to feel worthy. These feelings may need to be explored or given voice now in order to be brought into a more healthy balance.

Aquarius also represents a desire to understand the bigger picture, and find ways to contribute to the greater good of the collective. This is a great time for deepening relationships with those who share your interests and values.

Over the coming week, as the Sun approaches its semi-annual square to the Lunar Nodes (a key turning point for the year!). This is an important time to ‘lean in’ to the highest vibration expressions of Aquarius energy (courage, self-acceptance, an independent mind). Your efforts to do so will help you align with your destined path, and allows the universe to bring you hidden gifts.

The alignment of this New Moon with Pluto activates the archetypal energy of revolution – radical transformation from the inside out. On a personal level, there is a powerful opportunity to grow by embracing your light and shadow sides with greater honesty, curiosity and compassion.

On a collective level, this activation continues to fuel conflict in both national as well as global arenas which threaten the current world order, and power struggles around the ideals of autocratic totalitarianism vs democratic self-government. The next 4 weeks represents a potential for ‘power moves’ or more dramatic shows of force in an effort break through what’s become stagnated, or gain the upper hand.

Finally, Saturn in Aquarius is the ruler of this New Moon. In the final months of its passage through Aquarius (where it has been since mid-2020), this is an important time to consider how Saturn (the Lord of Karma) has been challenging you to personally evolve. Remember that Saturn serves to move you out of our comfort zone so that you can gain the life lessons needed to mature and reach your highest potential.

Saturn in Aquarius – Questions for Reflection:

  • Am I confident voicing my own perspective even when it might mean taking a controversial stance? Can I do so without feeling judged or defensive?
  • How am I celebrating my unique gifts? Do I feel confident in my purpose?
  • What area of my life needs a radical shaking up??
  • Do I really let others ‘see’ me, or do I hold myself back as a way of guarding against rejection?
  • Do I connect with community circles whose values and ideals reflect my own? How might my views be different from certain friends or peer-groups?
  • Where am I being called to serve my community, and the greater good?

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