Saturn in Pisces: Dreaming a New Reality – March 2023 to February 2026 + Journal Prompts

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”

– Albert Einstein, (born under a ‘Pisces Sun’)

Saturn’s journey through the sign of Pisces begins March 7th at 8:35am EST and continues until February 2026. You may have started to feel the incoming energy of this activation as early as the spring of 2022.

In many ways, Saturn describes the drumbeat of your hero’s journey. It represents your ‘growing pains’ – the epic struggles you must move through as you mature and evolve. At any moment in time, whatever is being activated by Saturn in your chart requires focus, commitment, patience, perseverance and loving compassion.

Saturn can either be your greatest ally, or your most cursed enemy – you decide. As the archetype of the Strict Professor, Saturn tends to bring up frustration or constraint, but he also pushes you to learn your most important life lessons. Under the influence of Saturn, you will come to set healthier boundaries, develop new skills, gain valuable wisdom, and cut away what no longer serves your best interests.

What is Saturn challenging you to master so that you can finally let go of your training wheels?

Saturn is connected with Ganesh from Vedic mythology, who clears obstacles and helps you pave the way to move forward in life – but Ganesh is mischievous and he’s also the one placing these obstacles in your path! Both Ganesh and Saturn serve to show us where we are getting in our own way.

Saturn challenges you to open your mind to what lies beyond perceived limitations. He challenges you to shift your mindset so that you may see the world around you from a more empowered standpoint.

Without Saturn, we would never grow up, take responsibility for our actions or develop the discipline needed to realize our full potential.

Pisces represents the unconscious psyche, and also our collective consciousness. Over the course of its 3-year transit, Saturn in Pisces will invite you to transcend the mundane to explore the mysterious, sublime truths of the unseen realm.

Through the archetype of Pisces, we enter the wild expanses of our imagination and sense the nudges of our spirit guides. We ‘see’ into the Great Beyond and experience the ecstatic unity of all beings. As the sign of Pisces is paradoxical in nature – the manifestations of Saturn in Pisces can be simultaneously disorienting and uplifting.

Saturn in Pisces dares you to open the heart to a new, more profound depth of emotional awareness, as well as hidden layers of suppressed or denied emotions – these parts of you long to reveal knowledge, healing and other hidden gifts. Something may happen that forces you to turn your attention inward and bravely confront certain feelings of you’ve been avoiding.

In its highest forms of expression, Pisces is the embodiment of unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and cosmic unity.

Saturn in Pisces can help you find ways to express yourself more artistically, using poetry, art, movement or music or some other creative medium. Pisces helps us to translate the sensations, feelings, psychic images, and spiritual experiences for which we have no words – all that is formless and abstract.

This is a great time to keep a dream diary or explore your deeper layers through creative play, meditation, journey and shadow work. You may find yourself craving solitude to reflect on the mysteries of the universe, spirituality and the hidden self.

Pisces is the archetype of the mystic, the the dreamer and the self-sacrificing saint, but also the addict, the prisoner and the mental patient.

In the shadows of this sign, we’re lost in a world of illusion – perhaps numbing out or indulging in mindless behaviors to cope with the pain of everyday life; perhaps feeling perpetually helpless or cut off from the truth of who we are – our hearts and minds locked in a cage of fear, guilt and shame. Or, perhaps we have been seduced into believing a false reality.

Saturn in Pisces can help you to find new ways to navigate feelings of overwhelm and disconnection that have become so commonplace in our modern world. Saturn necessitates evolution, and will call you to take responsibility for your circumstances. You will be challenged to recognize self-sabotaging patterns and take the steps needed to sober up or come back to reality.

You may need to embark on a radical journey of psychological, emotional and spiritual healing. If you have been living as a victim or martyr, you will need to become your own hero.

Collectively, we will be driven to address the ways in which people have become overstimulated and desensitized by the white noise of endless meaningless memes, relentless advertising and predatory scams which we encounter daily in the digital world. The influences of social media on young people will come into focus with a call for greater accountability.

As the internet evolves into its next iteration, the opportunities and dangers of the mega virtual metaverse will come into focus. How far can we to venture into a world of virtual reality before we lose our humanity? How is this influencing the consciousness of our youth and future leaders?

There will be greater interest in psychology, holistic wellness, and alternative strategies to address the growing mental health and addiction epidemic. Psychological teachings will continue to enter main-stream discourse as we develop our collective capacity to make sense of the unconscious mind. We will improve our frameworks for understanding conditions such as depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, the mother wound, and the complexities of emotional abuse.

The connections between emotional distress and physical symptoms will be understood more deeply. Therapy practices involving altered states and the subtle energy body will become more enticing and widely used. Meanwhile, the negative influences of the big pharma industry will continue to be exposed and scrutinized, with more and more awareness of the extent of its effects on society at large.

There will be a call for compassionate social programs and policies including expanded access to health care, universal minimum wage, equality in the workplace, access to reproductive healthcare, extended paid leave for new parents, support for political and environmental refugees, and improvements to benefits for veterans.

There will be a greater focus on free-expression, tolerance and recognition of what unites us beyond superficial identifiers such as gender, race, nationality and religion.

Over the next 3 years, Saturn, lover of order and practicality, will be learning to trust the emotional liberation and feminine fluidity of Pisces. He’s learning to allow life to be more wonderous and spontaneous, less rigid and fearful. Saturn in Pisces is challenging us to reconnect with our values around compassion and community, and to recognize that we need emotional support in order to survive and thrive. In our hero’s journey, we’re being called to develop the structures we need to become more generous with our kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion.

At the same time Saturn can offer a new level of self-awareness, stability self-mastery and loving intention to formless Pisces. He can illuminate where you’ve been led astray by illusion or deception. Through trials and challenges, Saturn will guide you to discover the self-reliance, wisdom and faith you need to become more courageous.

Saturn in Pisces Questions for Reflection / Meditation Prompts / Journal Prompts

  • How does my soul need to be nurtured? What brings me true joy?
  • How can I show greater compassion, kindness and understanding to those in need?
  • Where do I need to surrender and let go of resistance, even if it scares me?
  • What’s an affirmation to help me have more trust in the flow of life?
  • What role does religion or spirituality play in my life? Where is there confusion or some other kind of frustration that needs to be addressed? Is there something I’m curious to explore in more depth now?
  • What are the ways I avoid or escape reality and how is this serving me? What problems is this behavior creating for me down the road?
  • Do I trust my intuition? Am I making enough time to rest stillness, practice gratitude or explore my deeper feelings? How can I strengthen my connection to inner wisdom?
  • Am I aware of my inner critic? Are false beliefs leading me to feel shame unnecessarily? How does fear show up in my life and what is it keeping me from doing? Be specific.
  • What would it feel like to forgive myself for something I deeply regret or wish I could change? What shifts would that create in my life?
  • Where do I need to have more patience?

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