Virgo Full Moon: Surrendering to Imperfection – Mar 7, 2023

The Virgo Full Moon brings awareness to the inner critic and our attachments to perfection. Meanwhile, the Sun, aligned with Neptune and Selena, in Pisces invites you to connect with the inner dreamer as you wholeheartedly explore your visions, values and ideals. A trine to Uranus brings the potential for sudden, unexpected changes or new opportunities. Set yourself free by allowing your imagination to be tickled, and stay open to surprises.

This Full Moon can support you to become more organized, structured and proactive – heightened Virgo energy allows you to lean into a greater sense of self-sufficiency, discernment, and perseverance so that you can tackle your most daunting challenges. However, this Full Moon may also be showing you where it’s time to let go of rigidity, or the need to be in control – paradoxically, this may be exactly what you need to move forward. The opposition between the Virgo Moon and Pisces Sun asks you to consider your needs for spontaneity, ease, and freedom.

Where might you be driving yourself too hard, creating a lack of inspiration, or feelings of burnout? Do you take time to connect with your intuitive wisdom? Are you honoring your personal needs? This is a powerful time for re-balancing your priorities, breaking free of unhealthy habits, and taking steps to distance yourself from toxic relationships.

This Full Moon is ruled by Chiron, who brings your personal hero’s journey into focus. Where are you being called to take courageous action as you reach for your big dreams?

Some key astrological cycles are winding down this month, paving the way for fresh starts and new beginnings. This can be a valuable time for celebrating your successes, while considering the lessons you’ve learned over the last 6-12 months.

Chiron describes a lifelong process of coming to terms with painful old wounds from our past that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest in the present. Chiron feeds the voice of the defensive ego who is afraid to fail or feel vulnerable. In order to protect ourselves from re-living the pain of our old wounds, we may tell ourselves; ‘I can’t do that – I’m not great enough’, or ‘I’m not strong enough’, playing small in order to play it safe.

When we work consciously with Chiron energy, we gain access to the sword of truth which allows us to cut through the fog of false narratives and other veils of illusion. We realize these struggles are what make us human, and that we are not alone.

You may also be ready to release certain shadow expressions associated with Chiron now, including self-doubt or beliefs around not deserving success, abundance or fulfillment. Working with Chiron energy allows you to move through your deepest pains to the other side, where you’re able to guide, heal and serve others with great wisdom, empathy and compassion.

As we move through the Pisces season, the realm of the mystical unconscious self is being illuminated. Pisces represents our connections to the spirit world, and with our soul’s deepest longings. Pay attention to symbols or other messages showing up in dreamtime. Find stillness so you can listen to your soul’s true longings. Notice what feels true in your heart right now.

Will you make a pact with Spirit to chase your big dreams? How do you need to nurture yourself? What do you stand for, and what are your non-negotiables?

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