April Astrology: Tending the Fires of the Heart

April brings the spring eclipse season, ushering in a new energy that sets the tone for summer and the first half of fall. As the Sun continues its passage through Aries, it’s a month to connect with the sacred fires of the heart and all that brings you joy and vitality. Practice radical self-love and acceptance – don’t deplete your energy through people pleasing or unnecessary competition.

As we transition into a Mercury Retrograde cycle later this month, there’s an invitation to slow down and savor all of life’s sweetness with a sense of gratitude and abundance.

Aries is the archetype of the newborn, the trailblazer, the warrior and the fool. On one hand, Aries brings the gift of bravery, confidence, honesty, independence and instinctive self-awareness. On the other, the next few weeks may be showing you where you need to cool tendencies towards anger, aggression and destructiveness.

Working mindfully with Aries vibes involves putting your defensive triggers in check, as well as taking the time to communicate and build trust in relationships while staying true to your boundaries and values.

With the Sun bringing ‘hot’ activations of Jupiter, Chiron and Eris this month, there’s an opportunity to see ourselves clearly, while recognizing the true potential of our personal power.

April Astrology Highlights

4/1–4/13 – Grand Trine in Water + Kite Configuration to the North Node

Mars in Cancer brings up an intense desire for authenticity, intimacy and understanding; the South Node in Scorpio is processing old scars, feeling of betrayal and other grievances from the past; and Saturn in Pisces is guiding us to become more open to memories, dreams and intuitive wisdom hidden in our unconscious psyche.

When water energy is strong, it’s easy to get swept up in the power of our emotional tides. Navigating these ‘high seas’ can involve;

  • Deep self-reflection and a need for time alone
  • An active imagination + highly creative flow
  • The urge to escape into a world of fantasy or euphoria
  • Dark mood swings
  • Awareness of unconscious mechanisms of self-protection which are actually preventing us from living life more fully
  • Cathartic releasing of guilt, regret, resentment, shame and helplessness
  • Rebirth and cutting cords of attachment with the past 
  • Stepping into greater self-reliance, faith & courage

A sacred kite configuration to both Juno and the North Node in Taurus reinforce a powerful call to hold healthy boundaries, practice radical self-care & move away from toxic relationships.

4/5 – Sun conjunct Chiron

This activation serves to advance a key aspect of your personal development journey that’s been unfolding over the last several months. Chiron is often connected with our shadow side – a blindspot in our awareness that has the opportunity to be illuminated and transformed now. Chiron in Aries represents an old wound associated with the Root Chakra => our ability to ground into a sense of self-confidence, worthiness and deserving. You may need to assert your boundaries, or take a stand for a core need or belief around this time.

This passage tenderly triggers the tension of your hero’s journey and asks you to consider, ‘what is the cost of doing nothing’?! It’s guiding you to take a bold, brave leap of faith rooted in radical self-love, which may feel simultaneously exhilarating and painfully vulnerable all at once. If you’re leaning into what truly scares you, you’re probably on the right track.

4/5 – 4/6 – Libra Full Moon + Mercury conjunct North Node

This Full Moon brings the light and shadow of Libra energy into focus. Some of the highest vibration expressions of Libra energy involve partnership, communication, compromise, trust, and a sense of ethics. On the other hand, you may need to cultivate greater independence, self-reliance and the courage to go your own way. Libra is often associated with peacemaking, but this Libra Full Moon will ask you to consider whether you have been sacrificing your inner peace to please others.

Libra is both the soft voice of the diplomat and the skillful hand of the activist. A brief but potent fixed grand cross between Pluto, Lilith, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes can bring up a sense of tension or pressure, and the recognition of where a fight for justice, equality or truth may be needed now. Fixed energy has a tendency to hold onto the comfort of the status quo even when it’s not working.

This activation describes a powerful time of awakening, rebalancing and release or ‘spring cleaning’ that creates the space needed for new energies to flow in with the Solar Eclipse later this month. The ruler of this Full Moon is Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune, representing the strength of the divine feminine; an energy of loving compassion, patience, and trust in life’s abundance. Trust that everything will fall into place when you act in accordance with your personal integrity and sense of self-worth.

Although you may be called into some kind of confrontation or difficult conversation now, there is an opportunity to tap into the energy of Venus as a source of self-worth, and perhaps tough love.

4/11-4/14 – Sun conjunct Jupiter & Eris + Waning Quarter Moon (in Capricorn)

The Waning Quarter Moon represents a time for release and radical acceptance. This can be a key time to notice where you may be burned out by trying to do too much. Let go of any pressure to please others, or live up to society’s expectations. Remember, this lunar cycle has been calling you to tend to the ‘fire’ in your heart – your authentic passions and values. There’s an opportunity to heal deep-seated wounding connected with desires for approval.

At the same time, the Sun’s alignment with Jupiter and Eris is supercharging this activation which can trigger a breaking point – an exasperated declaration of ‘enough’! Where do you need to take a stand or rise up against some force that’s been stifling you?

4/20 – Solar Eclipse ‘Black Moon’ in Aries + Sun enters Taurus + square Pluto

This Aries Solar Eclipse triggers the second lunar cycle in Aries this year, in a rare ‘Black Moon’ activation. A key transformation that’s been brewing over the last 8 weeks is taking root through this passage.

With the North Node being activated on the Aries/Taurus cusp, there’s a beautiful potential to invoke the highest vibration expressions of both energies => a boost in confidence, a sense of commitment to the truth of who you are and the courage to let go of all the rest.

The New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and Eris, activating a tremendous power that has the potential to swing in one of two directions. On the one hand, Eris can bring great support to the fight for justice, and the tenacity needed triumph in the face of seemingly unbeatable odds. On the other hand, Eris can stir up bitterness, and feelings of being rejected or left out, with a desire for cruel forms of revenge that ends up hurting everyone involved.

A square to Pluto represents the opportunity to become aware of what might be holding you back from taking the next big leap – Pluto in Aquarius guides you to honor the power of your words and ability to influence others when you speak the Truth.

4/21-5/14 – Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is an astrological season that guides us to reflect, reset and rejuvenate on all levels. Take a step back to gain valuable perspective during this period of sacred pause. Your energy may feel a little depleted during this time so don’t fill your calendar with too many commitments. Retrograde is a feminine energy that calls for ease, fluidity and introspection. Flow with grace by cultivating patience and letting go of rigid expectations. This is not a time to force anything. Practice being easy with yourself and others.

Allow for things to take longer than usual to get done. During Mercury retrograde, there are often mishaps and misunderstandings involving communication, technology and transportation so remember not to take anything personally now.

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