Solar Eclipse ‘Black Moon’ in Aries: Coming Home to Yourself – 4.19.23

New Moon Eclipses bring powerful incoming energies that set the tone for the next 5-6 months. Eclipse seasons are the most potent energetic times of the year – they trigger personal turning points, shifts in relationships, unexpected twists of fate, dramatic endings and new beginnings.

The Solar Eclipse ‘Black Moon’ in Aries will be exact this Thursday morning at 12:13am ET, or Wednesday night at 9:13pm PT. This hybrid eclipse will only be visible in Australia and Indonesia but not in North America (solar eclipses are only visible during daytime!)

Eclipses activate the lunar nodes, representing a key element of your soul’s growth journey and the evolution of our collective as a whole.

Key Evolutionary Messages of this Solar Eclipse

This is the Start of a Powerful Chapter of New Beginnings – this New Moon Eclipse marks the first activation of the Aries/Libra cycle, which continues until April 2025. Aries energy represents your sense of identity – your self-image and how you portray yourself in the world. Through Aries energy, and with this eclipse activating the North Node, you have the opportunity to tap into a newfound sense of ease, self-assuredness, freedom and independence => an unapologetic, compassionate, loving acceptance of all that you are and are not.

This Eclipse guides you across a transformational threshold, inviting you to radically release so that you can grow into a new skin.

The energy of emergence and rebirth is potent. Over the next 5 months, you have an opportunity to lean into a deeper sense of strength, clarity and groundedness in the truth of who you are.

A Deep Transformation is Taking Hold – This New Moon Eclipse squares Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and archetype of transformation from the inside out.

Pay attention to insights and ‘lessons learned’ that are arising as key cycles of growth that have been in play for the last 2-3 years come to a close.

There’s a push and pull with this energy that describes a sense of both excitement and uncertainty, as well as a calling to explore new expressions of creativity and innovation; an evolved understanding of your place in the world; and renewed connection with the flow of life. There may also be a need to let go of what may feel comfortable, safe or predictable to embrace a radically new way of being.

Come Home to Yourself – A key evolutionary theme of the last 4 weeks (which is being triggered once again now by Mars square Chiron!) has involved the release of self-limiting beliefs and fears of failure. As the ruler of this eclipse, Mars in Cancer invites you to step boldly into new expressions of courage, self-acceptance, and joyful co-creation with Spirit.

The North Node’s trine to Saturn in Pisces invites you to open yourself to the deeper layers of your emotions as a way of accessing new levels of self-awareness, unconditional love, and soul purpose.

Be Open to Receive – Mercury is stationing retrograde at the time of this eclipse, which brings forward an intuitive, feminine energy of inner strength, receiving and self-nurturing. This is a key time to soften and rest. Give yourself permission to slow down and take a step back from your the daily grind so you can gain perspective. Retrogrades represent a balance of ebb and flow inherent to all of nature’s cycles.

The coming Mercury retrograde cycle brings a focus to your core values, boundaries, and sense of self-worth. It also represents an important time to explore pathways for healing old wounds around deserving, so that you may more readily receive the fulfillment, success and wellbeing you truly deserve.

There’s a Revolutionary Spirit in the Air – This Eclipse is triggering a thirst for change deep in the collective. There’s a strong sense of angst and restlessness now as this New Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius, bringing an activation of the Sacred Rebel archetype.

Mars as this lunation’s ruler brings an energy of confrontation and righteousness to this eclipse, pointing to instinctive behavior which may be honest and brave but also destructive or reckless. Meanwhile Mercury’s stationary alignment with Uranus represents an invitation to question, unravel and reform outdated structures.