Cancer New Moon: A Bold Move – 07.17.23

The Cancer New Moon will be exact on Monday, July 17th, 2023 at 2:32pm ETopposing Pluto and squaring the Lunar Nodes.
Cancer is the archetype of the Mama Bear, the Counsellor, the Intuitive, the Witch, the Poet, the Artist and the Activist. In your natal chart, this energy represents the heart’s purest desires – often linked with our innate needs for nurturing, supportive relationships, trust, honesty, authentic soul-expression and the courage to truly follow our dreams.

This energy represents our sensitivities and vulnerabilities, but also the times when we’re able to overcome our fears to take beautiful, courageous action. It’s the righteousness of the activist speaking truth to power for the greater good; and the pure, vulnerable nakedness of the trembling but determined voice singing out to a massive crowd.
Cancer energy has something to say – what will that be for you? This New Moon represents an invitation to consider your heart’s calling and truth. Over the next four weeks, a courageous bold move will be required in some area of your life!

The opposition of this New Moon to Pluto, as well as an opposition between Mars and Saturn all week, represent the tension that arises when you attempt to serve too many masters – where might you be trying to meet expectations that are not realistic, or not in line with your true nature? Where are you compromising your integrity, your truth or your values and what is the consequence?
A powerful Cardinal Grand Cross between the Sun, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes describes a call to action – where are you needing to take an important, perhaps controversial step forward? This calling will be especially potent as the Moon meets up with Mars later this week. 

This New Moon’s trine to Neptune brings in a vibration of idealism, transcendence, unity with the divine, unconditional love, and a sense of universal connection with all beings. Although this energy can make it easier to get caught up in romantic notions or seduced by a proposal that’s ‘too good to be true’. It may take effort to find discernment, balance and practical footing over the coming weeks.
The New Moon’s square to Eris, Goddess of Discord is powerful and complicated. Activations of Eris stir up deeply-seated feelings of rage or victimization which can be driving our actions from the unconscious realm. This New Moon brings an opportunity to illuminate, as well as transform, limiting beliefs that the world is against you, as well as limiting perceptions around a lack of belonging or worth.

In mythology, Eris was rejected and cast out by Aphrodite and the other Goddesses in a petty ordeal, fueling bitterness and rage. She devises a clever scheme to exact revenge by exposing Aphrodite’s shallowness and vanity, but her plan ultimately backfires in a devastating turn of events that spark the outbreak of the Trojan War, eek!
Was Eris justified in her hurt and anger? Perhaps, which is why she is such a controversial figure in Greek mythology – celebrated by some while demonized by others. They key to working with the smoldering anger of Eris energy is to channel it in productive rather than destructive ways. In her highest vibration, Eris can help you find the strength, determination and laser focus you need to achieve the ‘big win’ you really deserve. At the same time, it’s important to stay mindful of her potential to show up as narrow-minded destructiveness.
Later the same day, after spending the last 18 months on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, the Lunar Nodes make their shift onto the Aries/Libra axis later today. This moves us into a new chapter of growth which will be especially highlighted every 6 months during eclipse season. The North Node is shifting into Aries – meaning that you will be more supported to explore your independence, assert your boundaries, be bold, trust your instincts, lead others and blaze new trails.

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