Astrology Readings for Children & Families

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Offering astrology readings for children is something I love to do and truly believe in the work to help parents become aware of their child’s highest potentials as early as possible.  Astrology readings for children empowers parents to understand their child’s unique gifts, talents as well as ‘shadow’ traits and karmic behavior patterns that are meant to be released during this lifetime.

Children’s readings are offered to parents of newborns and children up to age 14. 

In a child’s reading I focus on;

  • Key personality traits
  • Fundamental needs and motivators
  • Key strengths to encourage and life-path opportunities
  • Challenging aspects, ‘shadow’ influences and karmas to be released during this lifetime 
  • Addressing your specific questions 

Each reading includes a copy of your child’s natal chart, transit chart and other charts that may be generated for the reading, a written summary and a private audio playback recording of your reading (approx 50 minutes in length).

If you would like to have a Family Reading (including one or both parents), please indicate below in the form.  In a Family Reading, I provide my classic natal chart reading for the parents as well, including key personality traits, needs, motivators, strengths and talents.  I will also identify behavioral tendencies that are similar to and different from your child’s and assist you with recognizing and encouraging your child’s natural gifts. 

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Family Readings

Family Readings include individual readings for children as well as one or both parents and can be customized to meet your desired outcomes.  In addition to a reading for each family member, I will also identify similar personality traits and behavior patterns where they are common.  I can also give additional compatibility readings between 2 or more family members.

To request a Family Reading, please click the image below to sign up indicate that you would like to add readings for one or both parents.  Readings can also be scheduled for additional children after the initial form is submitted.

Please note that while I offer readings for children at a discount, readings for parents is at my normal rate. 


Wondering What to Expect?

My astrology readings are fun, insightful and compassionate!

ALL readings are 100% personalized. You will not receive any assessment that is generated by software. Each reading is customized based on your unique information and your specific questions.  These ‘mini’ readings include a personalized private ‘podcast’ audio recording and a copy of your astrological natal and transit charts.

My approach to giving readings as a customized (Mp3) recording means that you do not need to schedule a specific time and day with me to receive your reading.  You can also re-listen to your reading as many times as you like down the road.

Your personalized recording is private and is sent only to you, however after you receive your reading you may share it with anyone you wish.

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Feel free to email me directly with any questions about receiving a reading.