One-on-one Private Sessions

INSPIRATIOn, dIRECTION, CLARITY, cONTEXT, GUIDANCE & Empowerment for Navigating Life.

Feel the teachings of astrology by tuning into your own energy.

Your experience of life is profoundly unique, with its own tension points and subtle nuance.

The story of your chart, and how it describes that tension, is the key to unlocking your personal growth and healing.

During private sessions, we will:

  • Explore your unique behavior tendencies, needs & motivations
  • Review your greatest gifts as well as the hidden skills which you have the potential to develop
  • Discusses your personal path to true fulfillment
  • Identify major astrological transits and key life milestones that are influencing the challenges you are currently experiencing + how these fit into the overall themes of the soul’s evolutionary journey
  • Explore current astrological influences in greater detail to bring context to current challenges, opportunities and/or other key areas of focus.
  • Explore astrological influences within personal relationships (if applicable)
  • Work together on specific areas relating to your personal development goals

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Please note:

* New clients MUST schedule an ‘Evolutionary Astrology Intro’ (90 mins) or ‘Mini Natal Chart’ Reading (45 mins).

* ‘Mini’ readings are pre-recorded (audio only) and emailed by 9pm MST on the date scheduled.

* ‘Live’ sessions take place over Zoom, unless a house call is requested. There is an additional charge for house calls.

* You may select the option to add an Oracle card reading when scheduling. You will receive an invoice for the add-on amount after booking ($15-$30).

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Questions? Email me anytime!