Astrology Readings for Couples

Deepen your connection.

Couples readings can vary from one to multiple sessions. you choose how deep you want to go.

What we Explore:

  • The main elements of each of your personalities including similarities, differences and compatibilities.
  • Each of your approaches to conflict and new situations, as well as how you respond when you feel defensive, so that you can understand each other better.
  • An exploration into each of your ‘ways of loving’, including your desires/values in love, how you express love, behavior tendencies, needs etc.
  • An exploration into how each of you communicates, inducing similarities, differences, and how that contributes to your compatibility 
  • Where each of you are in your personal evolutionary journeys.
  • Major challenges or areas for development which each of you are facing currently, and how that influences your relationship
  • What each of you you ‘needs’ from the other and ways for each of you to support the other.
  • A review of the energy which you express together as a couple, as well as and how each of you experiences the relationship.
  • Your relationship ‘karma’ -> your greatest potentials as a couple, as well as dynamics to be mindful of.

Before the reading, I will ask a series questions to help me to prepare. You will also have a chance to share any questions and/or intentions you have for the exploration.



1x 1.5-hour session



2x 1.5-hour sessions



2x 2-hour sessions


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*Testimonials *

“Oh my goodness I’m blown away! Lindsey’s reading was brilliant & so where my life is at right now you won’t believe it. She was so accurate about me as a person. Thank you Lindsey – I am so grateful.”

Sandie – Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Lindsey gave me the personal guidance and reassurance I needed! Her insights into my chart helped me navigate this phase in my life and am grateful for her soothing and loving energy.”

Kim – Naples, Florida

“You have no idea how extremely helpful this is.  So much there and so meaningful!  I have listened to the recording a few times now and each time I hear something new.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with me.”

Karen – Cleveland, Ohio

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