About Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart in-depth in order to understand the soul’s intentions for growth in this lifetime.  This practice considers the birth chart as a symbolic representation of the soul’s condition and trajectory at the moment of incarnation. It also describes the core elements of personality, including deeply embedded needs and behavior patterns.

The goal of this practice is awareness and empowerment by identifying the soul’s deepest desires, personal strengths, and key areas of development on the journey to self-mastery. Through an understanding of the astrological archetypes symbolically depicted, the language of the psyche is revealed.

Each person’s life experience is profoundly unique, with subtle nuance and contrasting influences. At the same time, the elements which create tension point to key areas of development.

Looking at the birth chart as the compass for the soul’s spiritual journey gives you clarity, direction and a deeper sense of purpose.