Foundational Astrology Readings

Peel back the layers of the natal chart to gain greater awareness to your unique personality traits, gifts, hidden potentials and soul karma.

* 60 or 90-minute session *

Birth information will be gathered in advance. You will also be able to share any questions and/or intentions you have for our time together.

A recorded playback will be sent to you after the session. You will also receive a copy of your personalized Namastrology Natal Chart Report.

During a 60-minute foundational reading, we will; 

  • Explore your unique behavior tendencies, needs & motivations
  • Review your greatest gifts as well as the hidden skills which you have the potential to develop
  • Discusses your personal path to true fulfillment
  • Identify major astrological transits and key life milestones that are influencing the challenges you are currently experiencing + how these fit into the overall themes of the soul’s evolutionary journey

During a 90-minute foundational reading we will explore the areas above, with some additional time available to;

  • Explore current astrological influences in greater detail to bring context to current challenges, opportunities and/or other key areas of focus.
  • Explore astrological influences within personal relationships (if applicable)
  • Work together on specific areas relating to your personal development goals

Choose how you want to receive your reading:

‘Live’ via Zoom

Schedule a set date and time for your session and connect ‘live’ via Zoom. This type of session is more interactive and allows you to ask questions throughout the dialogue.

You will receive a link to access the session when you schedule your reading. You may also share any questions or intentions you have for the session in advance.

Audio and video playbacks will be yours to keep following the session.

Pre-Recorded Audio

Please note for a pre-recorded reading, you do NOT need to schedule any specific time in your calendar. You’ll receive a link to access your private recording on the date selected, typically during the afternoon or early evening.

You may share any questions or intentions you have for the session in advance. I may also reach out to request additional background information before creating your reading.

The recording is yours to keep!

Private Session Rates

*Includes preparation time and any post session follow-up notes.

90-minutes $180

Optional: Add an Oracle Card Reading – One Card (+$15) or Three Card Spread (+$30)

*Testimonials *

“Oh my goodness I’m blown away! Lindsey’s reading was brilliant & so where my life is at right now you won’t believe it. She was so accurate about me as a person. Thank you Lindsey – I am so grateful.”

Sandie – Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Lindsey gave me the personal guidance and reassurance I needed! Her insights into my chart helped me navigate this phase in my life and am grateful for her soothing and loving energy.”

Kim – Naples, Florida

“You have no idea how extremely helpful this is.  So much there and so meaningful!  I have listened to the recording a few times now and each time I hear something new.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with me.”

Karen – Cleveland, Ohio

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart to illuminate deep layers of the psyche and unconscious.

The goal of this exploration is self-awareness and empowerment by identifying the soul’s intentions as well as key areas for development on the journey to self-mastery.

Questions? Email me anytime!