Astrological Mentorship

Transform your life

Align with your soul purpose

Flow consciously with astrological cycles

Learn to read charts on your own

Mentorship is based on your goals, interests and needs but can include one or more of the following; 

Shadow Work & Self-Healing

Accomplishing Personal Goals

Astrological Timing & Rituals

Astrological mentorship is a partnership we shape and co-create together. Each relationship has its own unique rhythms and themes. My first task is to understand your personal goals, intentions and expectations.

You may be seeking greater awareness into deeper layers of your personal astrology to understand your life story through a more spiritual lens. You may be in the process of moving through an important life-transition and wanting to tune more fully into your soul-purpose. You may be looking to get ‘unstuck’ by overcoming self-doubt or other obstacles.

Through mentorship you can dive deep into your personal astrology, illuminate your unconscious ‘shadow’, alchemize ancestral karma, reframe self-limiting beliefs and develop personalized practices for empowerment and self-healing.

We’ll tap into the teachings of evolutionary astrology, ritual and Ayurveda in order to ground and flow more mindfully with nature. You will learn to work consciously with astrological influences using yogic practices and techniques, meditation, breathwork, mantra, and mudra.

My goal is to support you in cultivating deeper alignment with your true nature. I am here to help you illuminate, honor and celebrate your personal journey, remove shackles of stagnation and self-limiting beliefs. Through mentorship you will gain valuable context and guidance to grow and be your best self in the world.


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