Astrological Mentorship + How to Apply

Transform your life

Align with your soul purpose

Learn to flow with astrological cycles

Personalized support

Mentorship May include one or more of the following; 

In-Depth Chart Analysis

Working towards Personal Goals

Practices to Shift Mindset

Astrological mentorship is a partnership we shape and co-create. Each relationship has its own unique focus and rhythms.

Together, we’ll tap into the teachings of evolutionary astrology to bring context to your personal Hero’s Journey. We will look at how you can live your life with a greater sense of freedom and alignment with what truly fulfills you. We’ll also explore ways to flow more mindfully with cosmic cycles.

You may be seeking an understanding of the deeper layers of your personal astrology, or to understand your life story through a more spiritual lens. You may be navigating a key-life transition wanting to shed light on your soul-purpose. You may be looking to get ‘unstuck’ by overcoming self-doubt or other obstacles.

I am here to help you illuminate, honor and celebrate your unique journey, remove shackles of stagnation and dispel self-limiting beliefs. I have been coaching for 15 years. I’ve studied evolutionary, traditional and modern astrology, including depth psychology and counseling practices since 2016. I have helped people work through powerful life-changing transformations while building confidence and a deeper understanding of their gifts. I am compassionate, collaborative, intuitive, and non-judgmental.

Through mentorship you will gain valuable context and guidance to grow and be your best self in the world.

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