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Practical Astrology: Personal Planet Retrograde Mastery


June 13-August 10th, 2018


Understanding and learning to flow with astrological retrogrades is one practical way to incorporate astrology into your everyday life.  Take this opportunity to work with a trained astrologer directly, learn the essence of personal planet retrogrades and practical ways to work with them.

This intimate online learning experience includes the following:

  • Practical tips and guidance for using personal planet retrogrades to your best advantage
  • Follow along with me by learning about retrogrades as we experience some of these influences in real-time
  • Detailed review of each of the personal planet retrograde meanings (Mercury, Mars and Venus)
  • Learn about retrograde ‘shadow periods’ – what they mean and how to use them
  • Discussion of what the personal planets rule in our lives
  • Understanding of how to balance Masculine and Feminine energies during retrograde
  • A 12-month calendar outlining personal planet retrogrades, ‘power periods’ and dates to avoid
  • Help with planning important events in your life!
  • Increase your ability to ‘tune in’ and sense astrological energies!

This intimate online experience is limited to 8 participants only.

Dates: June 13th- August 10th


  • 4 audio podcast lessons
  • Online Facebook Forum for day-to-day questions and interaction over the 8-week period
  • Direct email support

Cost: $70

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