The Sacred Practice of Stargazing

Hi, I’m Lindsey

Evolutionary Astrologer. Mentor for Personal Development.

Lindsey DePeri-Franz studies the essential nature of the psyche and soul.

Lindsey works with clients around the world as an archetypal evolutionary astrologer, and mentor for personal development. Her goal is to support her clients in navigating key life passages, while tuning into a deepened sense of soul-purpose and empowerment.

Your experience of life is profoundly unique, with its own tension points and subtle nuance.

The story of your chart, and how it describes that tension, is the key to unlocking your personal growth and healing.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart in-depth.

The birth chart describes the core elements of personality, including deeply embedded needs, desires and gifts.

The goal of this practice is awareness and radical self-empowerment.

Exploring the birth chart is an ongoing a journey, gradually revealing deeper layers of self and soul karma, as well as family or ancestral karma.

Through an understanding of the astrological archetypes symbolically depicted, the language of the psyche is revealed.


Accessing the personality of astrological archetypes is a way to recognize and connect with hidden elements of the psyche.

Working together to tune into your own personal archetypal relationships, you can discover powerful unrealized potential. You can also heal or neutralize, challenging energies by bringing them into greater spiritual and psychological context.

Lindsey is compassionate, intuitive and insightful. Her work centers around witnessing and honoring the profound beauty of each soul’s remarkable journey. In addition to astrology, Lindsey teaches meditation and bhakti yoga, including work with mantra, sound and Reiki. When she is not touring and offering workshops on the road, she lives outside Boulder, Colorado.

Lindsey completed an astrology apprenticeship in 2016 and has continued on to study with master astrologers including Steven Forrest, Mark Jones, Lynne Bell, Debra Silverman and Divine Harmony Raye. She has also been strongly influenced by the teachings of Barbara Hand Clow, Liz Greene and others.

Also in 2016, Lindsey began a formal study of yoga, ayurveda and meditation, and this study opened her heart and mind to the world of bhakti, the yoga of devotion. In 2018 she began touring the US and around the world offering kirtan, mantra meditation and astrology workshops. In visits to Bali, Indonesia and India in 2019, Lindsey and her partner, Rick Franz, shared bhakti offerings at the International Yoga Festival and other organized events.

Lindsey brings eastern philosophy, meditation, ayurveda, ritual and other practices into her work to assist clients with grounding into a deeper sense of empowerment and connection with spirit.