The Sacred Practice of Stargazing

Hi, I’m Lindsey

It’s nice to meet you! I’m an archetypal evolutionary astrologer, mindset mentor, and personal development coach. For the last 7 years I have been steeped in the study of astrology, depth-psychology, counselling skills, yoga, meditation and the healing arts. Before that, I spent over 10 years in corporate strategy, consulting and leadership development.

Through a twist of fate, I met my first astrology teacher and, over the course of a 12-month apprenticeship, my mind was completely blown. I’m so moved by the power of this feminine science and its ability to support our personal transformation that I’ve dedicated my life to serving others by sharing it as a sacred practice.

Astrology is a powerful practice that bridges psychology, spirituality, and the healing arts.

Your experience of life is profoundly unique, with its own tension points and subtle nuance. The story of your chart is a key to unlocking your personal growth and healing.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart in-depth.

The birth chart describes the core elements of personality, including deeply embedded needs, desires and gifts.

The goal of this practice is awareness and radical self-empowerment.

Exploring the birth chart is an ongoing a journey, gradually revealing deeper layers of self and soul karma, as well as family or ancestral karma.

Through an understanding of the astrological archetypes symbolically depicted, the language of the psyche is revealed.


Accessing the personality of astrological archetypes is a way to recognize and connect with hidden elements of your psyche.

Working together to tune into your personal archetypal relationships, you can discover powerful unrealized potential. You can also heal or neutralize challenging energies by bringing them into greater spiritual and psychological clarity.

“I believe you’ve found your calling when you find the kind of work that draws on all of your gifts and everything you like about yourself so that you can share your heart with the world…”

My Approach

Through one-on-one private sessions and astrological mentorship, I help you gain greater control over your life by understanding yourself on a deeper level. We use astrology to help illuminate what’s happening in the innermost layers of the psyche and bring awareness to unconscious forces so you can better understand you own core needs and motivations.

In private sessions, we talk about what inspires you – your greatest sources of fulfillment and big dreams. Then we explore how you can align more fully with those expressions, or what might be causing you to feel stuck. We may identify and reframe limiting beliefs, enabling you to move through the world in line with your true nature. We also explore your dharma or soul purpose – where you express your greatest joys and talents in a way that meets the world’s needs. This is the truth of who you are.

We’ll explore astrological influences to bring context to current challenges, opportunities and timing. I use evolutionary astrology to share navigational guidance relevant to this particular time in your life. We’ll also explore ways to flow more mindfully with cosmic cycles.

Astrology is the most sophisticated way of describing individual uniqueness in all its subtle, beautiful complexity. Combined with skillful practice, it becomes a doorway to the alchemy, or deep healing of anxieties, unconscious wounds, ancestral karma, and self-limiting beliefs. When we skillfully shed light on these deeper layers, there’s a sense of relief, a feeling of being seen. Together we create this experience of heart-to-heart connection in a compassionate, supportive container.

I launched a monthly mentorship program in 2021 and that has become the most fulfilling aspect of my work. I have a nurturing personality and I love to work with clients over an extended period of time. Astrological mentorship involves ongoing support towards your personal development goals. We typically have one private session a month to peel back the layers of your chart and explore timely guidance for navigating your soul journey. I give personalized horoscopes and we correspond between sessions over email or text.

My specialty is guiding clients through a process of soul alchemy to create embodied transformation. In mentorship, I incorporate yogic teachings, psychoeducation, mindset coaching, journal prompts, meditation, ritual practices, and Bach Flower therapy to create a holistic experience.

I’ve studied evolutionary, traditional and modern astrology, including depth psychology and counseling practices and have been coaching for 15 years. I help people work through powerful life-changing transformations while building their self-confidence and a deeper understanding of their gifts.

In 2022, I launched my foundational course, Sacred Soul Level 1. It weaves astrology fundamentals together with a practical approach to giving beginner-level readings and feeling into the teachings of astrology by working with your own chart. This truly unique offering brings together the teachings of evolutionary & archetypal astrology, yoga philosophy and practices, and the principles of transformative shadow-work. I also love to teach about the broader energetic themes influencing us today, like the Age of Aquarius and the generational cycles of the outer planets.

Lindsey completed an astrology apprenticeship in 2017 and has continued on to study with master astrologers including Steven Forrest, Laurence Hillman, Mark Jones, Kelly Surtees, Debra Silverman and Divine Harmony Raye. She became a certified Archetypes at WorkTM practitioner in 2022.

Lindsey completed her advanced training in meditation (RYT-500) at Soul Tree Yoga in Colorado in 2021. She also completed a 50-hour Bhakti yoga immersion at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in New York City in 2017, a 100-hour training in facilitating meditation and a 200-hour training in Yoga and Ayurveda at Jai Wellness in Toronto, Canada in 2016. She is a Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner and Bach Flower Practitioner.

Lindsey is also a musician and kirtan artist who has toured the US, and internationally, since 2018 as part of the musical duo ‘Graced’ with her husband Rick Franz. Lindsey has performed with David Newman, Saul David Raye, Girish, Mirabai Harrington, Bonnie Devina Maa. She is so grateful to have had the opportunity to perform at Hanuman Festival in Boulder, the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India; Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree, California; and Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas.

400 East Simpson Street, Suite 210, Lafayette, Colorado

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